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Since newcomer Alicia Vikander was cast to play Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot, fans have gone wild with predictions on how the film will play out. It has been, in fact ,13 years since we've seen Angelina Jolie portray the gaming icon, and the release of the video-game reboot back in 2013 seems to have kept Hollywood interested in bringing it back to the big screen.

It's also been 15 years since the first movie, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, made it to theaters and disappointed fans all over the globe. So, to not make the same mistakes, here are 6 things this reboot will definitely need if it actually wants to clean the slate.

1. Treat it like a real adventure

One of the biggest problems of the first movies was that Lara was too contained, and the sense of adventure was as easy as creating a "Now Loading" screen. The viewer wants to feel more immersed in the story, so giving Lara Croft a mission that is as exciting as the video games', while seemingly a hard task, is actually all about creating a straight-forward opportunity to showoff her tomb-raiding skills.

2. More indie, less Hollywood

The further away they keep from all the crazy explosions and shoot-outs, the better. Moderation is probably key here. If you gotta shoot, then fire at will. If it has to explode, then make sure it moves the story forward. As long as nothing is justified with "just because," I'm fine with it.

Tomb Raider fan-films have proven that a less Hollywood-esque look could work very well, given that it focuses on the journey and adventure but still with a fair amount of action and kick-assery.

3. Make Lara relatable

In other words, do not make her Angelina Jolie. Even at the time of the first film, Bradgelina was just a crazy conspiracy theory that had zero foundation. Three years later, they're the power couple they are today.

Having said that, I strongly believe Alicia will be entirely capable in delivering a solid performance as that rich girl who likes to explore the world. But by making her more approachable, she will immediately create a connection with the audience, and it's hard to hate a character when that character makes an effort to be liked.

4. Bring back Daniel Craig (or Gerard Butler)

The British actor was speaking in an American accent in the first film and it didn't even explore the smallest amount of potential he has. By bringing him back, be him a rival or an ally, it would certainly give us a good sense of partnership and competition. With the vast roles he's portrayed — most significantly, of course, playing James Bond — I'm sure he is more than capable to deliver. You can't go wrong! Same applies with Gerard Butler, who's appearance in the sequel, The Cradle of Life, and is far from the same man we've seen in his latest flicks.

5. Keep the supernatural and the prehistoric beasts at bay

Let's tread lightly on this one. There's always been supernatural features in pretty much every Tomb Raider game, be them made out of stone or minerals or just random CGI-looking beasts (including dinosaurs) set to kill. While I'm not entirely against this, I believe that the focus should be something real. Sure, give us one of those pretty cool bonfire stories, but, please, keep them as stories of the imaginary.

6. Introduce an equally strong and independent female character

Lara Croft might be amazing on her own, but why not introduce a peer? How amazing would it be if Lara had her own sidekick? Or a foil with her own agenda and ideals? Either way, a female character that could stand by herself — without being solely a supportive character — would be more than welcome.

Personally, I'd have my pick at Amanda Evert, even though she does have a few strong connections to the mystical side of things. Regardless, the idea of having the old childhood friend pop up mid-plot to make things interesting would be quite the adventure to me!

Is there anything you'd like to see in the 'Tomb Raider' reboot? Let me know in the comments!


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