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Film reviewer/writer. N00b gamer. Avid sock collector.
Sarah L

I realize n00b might not be the most flattering term for myself, but when it comes to video games, that's certainly what I am.

But before I get into all of that, let me say a quick hello. Hello! How are you? Good? Bad? Neutral? Did you have a nice breakfast? You can answer of all these questions on your own time, in your head, and in no particular order.

My name is Sarah Lord. I'm mostly known (to no one in particular) as a movie reviewer, writer, and general lover of all things related to film. I even have a (useless) degree in the subject, which definitely establishes me as someone who's opinions should be listened to (or ignored, up to you).

Despite film being the thing I know and can talk about with any sort of confidence the most, I feel like there has been an emptiness in my life, a certain joy that I've been deprived of for my entire existence...until now. I have recently become the proud owner of a Wii and a Play Station 3, which are the first gaming systems that I can now proudly call my own. I went through my whole childhood barely knowing the names of any Pokemon, not even remotely knowing that the main character of every Legend of Zelda game is a guy, and not realizing that Mario had a brother. But now with this new found joy, I will learn all of these things and more, while also further alienating myself from my friends and loved ones.

As I try to make up for extremely lost times, I thought I could bore people with my experiences of playing big deal games for the first time. I'm not one to discriminate, so expect a hodgepodge of all kinds of games in these series of articles. And of course I'll take any suggestions since I'm always looking for ways to occupy the free time I don't have. But be warned, I'm very not good.

So if you're at all interested in the perspective of a first time gamer, look no further (actually you probably should look further since there are probably better options out there). This will most likely be a bi-weekly/monthly thing, considering my video game skills are virtually (pun intended) none existent.

-Sarah Lord (The N00b Gamer)


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