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Whether you're an Xbox, Playstation or PC player at the moment, you will know that Overwatch is the biggest game out right now. An epic 6 v 6 online multiplayer game with a choice of 21 characters that are all wonderfully designed with excellent backstories. Sometimes when you're playing, there's nothing worse then coming up against somebody who is really good with one character, it can be quite frustrating. I decided to rank all 21 on how frustrating each character is, let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments!

21. Zenyatta

Zenytatta is one of many support heroes in Overwatch and I get quite happy when I'm pined up against him. I don't find him terribly hard to beat and when he does kill me, it's usually a last strike on my health. To make it better, his ultra isn't that good either. I've yet to come up against a person making a difference with this character.

20. Lucio

This list would be quite different if I was ranking the worst to best heroes in Overwatch, but it's the most annoying to face in a game that I'm doing and Lucio isn't really that annoying. The second support hero on the list and although he is handy to have on your team, it's never really troubling when the enemy use him. I will say that how fast he is and the fact he can run into cover and heal are both quite annoying, but other than that he's fine.

19. Symmetra

Our third support hero in a row and the only real reason she's here is because of her super annoying beam-lazer type defensive turrets. They're a pain to destroy and along with Torbjorn's turret, they can form a solid defense.

18. Winston

Winston is a tank hero that's got some cool tech, like a shield and an electric rifle that make him pretty good up close and with his huge health he can be quite difficult to face. But, most of the time I come up against him, I seem to defeat him pretty easily if I've got fast character selected. His ultra is pretty bearable too seeing as it's not a one-hit attack.

17. Zarya

If used right, this character can be devastating to face with her charged gun that can obliterate people. For me, more often that not, I find myself killing her pretty quick once her shield goes down.

16. Widowmaker

When I first bought the game, I thought I would be sniped a hell of a lot more than I am getting sniped. I always see a Widowmaker on the other team, but I'm rarely sniped. In fact, most of the time I'm killed by her it's because of her assault rifle! A lot of the time I spot a Widowmaker aiming through her scopes and so I can pick her off easily enough.

15. Genji

By far one of Overwatch's coolest characters and with definitely the coolest backstory. But he's not the most annoying. Sure his ultra can slay a whole team, but I feel when somebody dodges and weaves enough, Genji is quite bearable, especially from close range!

14. McCree

Futuristic cowboy, McCree is one guy you don't want to deal with from mid-range. His pistol is sharp and can be devastating with a headshot and when he does his flashbang and peacemaker combo. His ultra can completely take you surprise, especially when you think there's nobody near you. That's why I hate hearing, "it's high noon".

13. Reaper

If you go up close against this guy, you're probably not going to come out alive. He would be higher up on this list if not for the fact that when somebody's not good with him, he's easy to kill, especially from a distance. His ultra does have the potential to take out an entire team, but it also has the potential to kill nobody. Reaper really is a hit and miss character.

12. Mei

Much like reaper, Mei is only really dangerous up close. Her healing move can be extremely frustrating and her gun has some devastating power, but with explosions and Widowmaker, she can be put down. When she's not building a wall that is.

11. Hanzo

When facing a Hanzo, you know he's going to be hard to see, hard to find and kind of hard to kill. Up close he's fine, but from mid to long range you might struggle with his really powerful bows. And that ultra? There's no stopping that!

10. Mercy

The last of the support heroes on this list is the awesome Mercy. I feel like she can make or break a game and facing her can be excruciating when she just wont die. Healing all the tank heroes and then slipping away to heal herself only for her to come back and revive people with her ultra! Facing somebody who is good with Mercy is something I don't like doing.

9. Soldier 76

Never underestimate going up against a Soldier 76 because just when you think you have him, he'll regain health and beam his rifle at you. A very well rounded and balanced character that makes for a tough opposition.

8. Pharah

"Death from above". That is a sentence I hate hearing while playing Overwatch, with Pharah just flying above everybody and letting her ultra loose, you know you're going to die. When trying to defend a point, there's few things worse than seeing a Pharah fly in above you.

7. Junkrat

Junkrat is possibly my favorite hero to be in Overwatch and I hate facing him too. When you see a big parade of explosives coming straight at you, you know there's nothing you can do whatsoever. His trap always catches me and his ultra is always the play of the game! A real nuisance to face.

6. Bastion

Bastion is at his most annoying when he's planted in his sentry mode where he just sits down and pulls out a chain gun that destroys you the second you show yourself. When he takes some damage, he just heals! Really hate facing this dude.

5. Torbjorn

There is nothing worse than when you're facing this guy and his turret repeatedly kills your entire team. When he has a good set-up with his turret, it's very hard to get past him, nevermind finish the objective! On top of that, don't get me started when there's more than 1 Torbjorn's on one team!

4. Reinhardt

He's not one of the coolest or hard to use but he is by far one of the most effective. When attacking an objective, this guy is a must and the mission would be very hard without him. Being pinned to a wall by him is pretty annoying too.

3. Roadhog

Roadhog is probably the character I've used the least, but that doesn't mean I don't know about him. I hate facing this guy, I really do think he's overpowered! He definitely takes the longest to kill and when he pulls you over with his chain you know you're dead.

2. Tracer

By no means is Tracer the second best hero in the game, but she is by far one of the most annoying to come across. Her speed and ability to go back in time make her a real pain, especially against slow characters or if you're using a turret that can't keep up with her. Her ultra is a sly grenade that can kill you easily enough too!

1. D.Va

Without a shadow of a doubt, I think D.Va is the most annoying character in Overwatch. The fact that it takes so long to kill her, only to destroy her mech suit is crazy! Her health makes her last ages and her ultra is by far the most annoying, wiping out anybody in the same room as her. I don't frequently use her, but I always come up against her. The worst part is in the latest update for consoles, she got buffed up! As if it was needed.

So that's it guys! Let me know what you thought of my list, don't forget to follow my page to keep up with all things Overwatch.


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