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With all the buzz about the leaked poster for Injustice 2 which caused NetherRealm Studios to drop the first trailer (more like teaser if you ask me) which was awesome, I figured I should talk about the first game which came out back in 2013. Before the review begins, go ahead and check out the trailer for Injustice 2.

Injustice: Gods Among Us was something surprising. Like most, I expected a Mortal Kombat clone with a DC skin over it and less gore; boy was I wrong because Injustice stands on it's own as a fantastic tournament fighter game. Sure it runs on the same engine as Mortal Kombat but NetherRealm was smart and added enough variety in Injustice to distinguish itself. So what's the game about?

Many of the DC Universe's greatest heroes and villains and pulled to an alternate universe where Superman has united the planet in a single government and has become a tyrannical leader. Now the people from our Earth must assist an Insurgency on this second Earth to stop the reign of Superman.

And immediately this is where I have to nitpick at something: Evil Superman is a concept that I am really tired of seeing; I get it, he has the power to wipe out the planet if he wanted to but let's see it with OTHER characters please. Luckily in this game, they do it well because it's not just Superman who's in the Regime: there's Wonder Woman, the Flash, Shazam, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, etc. So with a whole team of evil dopplegangers, it adds more variety rather than just having Superman teaming up with other villains. The story overall is a great one filled with many characters and locations as well as a couple twists in there that I honestly wasn't expecting. While the story is not the most expansive and mind blowing story from NetherRealm, it was still great and I can't wait to see how they follow it up in Injustice 2.

A good story is a plus but in my opinion, when it comes to tournament fighters it goes: gameplay first, story second. I am happy to say that Injustice delivers on both with gameplay that is really easy to get into which fools you into thinking that the characters are too easy to learn but the more you play as a character, the more you will learn new combos, special moves, and tactics that can all flow together. Now is Injustice the most innovative fighter game? Nah, but for being an experimental title, it does so much good with the gameplay that it feels very satisfying.

No character feels like a clone of another character from this game or Mortal Kombat, most of the characters have great combos and special moves, every character has different traits which vary between them all: for some it powers them up thus increasing their damage, for some it unleashes an extremely devasting combo, for some it changes their fighting style, or for some it brings out projectiles to assist the character.

On the bottom of the screen, players have a bar of energy which can be used in multiple ways: holding the right trigger while pushing backward can block an opponent's attack, holding forward and the right trigger can trigger a clash event which can result in a player losing health or gaining health, but if two pull both triggers, it will unleash a powerful Super Move which is basically this game's answer to fatalities. All three of those things add a new layer to battles and if used well can help you dominate the other player. So overall the gameplay, while similar to Mortal Kombat, does stand on it's own and will be referenced when new tournament fighters come out with people saying, "That's very Injustice-like" and such.

Visually, the game is not the greatest but in my mind, graphics are not all that important when it comes to a fighting game. However there is great detail in all of the many suits and uniforms that the characters have, especially on the Flash, Batman, Superman, and a few others.

Do I have flaws? Sure. While I found the story to be spot on, there are times I wish it was a little bit longer. The selection of venues is disappointingly limited and there are so many locations they could have put in just for fun instead of only doing the ones from the story. I would have loved to have seen places like Central City, the Flash Museum, Mount Justice, an actual Oa venue, etc. There is one mechanic that I so glad was fixed in Mortal Kombat X was the completely broken: want to never get hit? Just hold the analog stick diagonally down and you are invincible. People exploited this ALL the time online and I was so happy NetherRealm got rid of it. Ares and Killer Frost? Completely forgettable characters. They looked cool but their special moves and combos were just lame. Deathstroke...ugh. No good combos, just gun and sword special moves which both the computer and players spam all the time thus making him by far the worst character in the game.

Despite the flaws, Injustice: Gods Among Us is in my opinion the best tournament fighter game I have ever played: it was fun for three years, had a great new story and universe to expand, and it brought us a brand new franchise to fall in love with and follow. You can bet I'll be pre-ordering Injustice 2 because Injustice: Gods Among Us definitely earns a 9/10.

What were your thoughts on Injustice: Gods Among Us and are you looking forward to Injustice 2? Let me know in the comments below and please vote on the next game review!

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