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Summer has come and so has vacation which means new game releases and new games to test out during the least for me. The first game on my list would have to be the talk of the town - Overwatch. Unfortunately, I missed out on the beta version of this game when it was released but now the game has been out for a few weeks, it's been the talk of the town. Blizzard didn't just create an awesome video game but they made multiplayer more fun.

When I first heard of Overwatch, I was a bit hesitant about the game mainly because I'm the person to play more games first player shooter like Call of Duty or Destiny to RPGs to fighting- multi-player wasn't really my thing until now. Blizzard came up with beloved animated shorts to set you into the story of Overwatch and the player base keeps growing rapidly with its detailed maps and triumphant soundtrack. You're able to choose from 21 characters of whom are very distinctive in their own way. Instead of the generic military tough-guy character, Overwatch let's you choose from a cybernetic ninja Genji to the rollerblading Lucio, who heals fellows teammates with his awesome beats. No matter who you choose to play as, every character is designed for almost anyone's play style.

Photo source: Blizzard
Photo source: Blizzard

What I enjoy most about this game is that each character is divided into four categories: offense, defense, tank, and support. Which allows everyone to master each category if they wanted or they can master one category. This game is all tactic and strategy with the team you have. It also reminds me of League of Legends - with the open battle arenas and the every popular multiplayer. I also very much enjoy the graphics and just everything from it's range of characters to the diverse maps.

Overwatch does have a positive atmosphere to the game and it's rather fitting for the genre. If anyone remembers Starcraft from 1998 then you'll enjoy the backstory of Overwatch. The game sets us in Earth in a new world future, after the disbandment of the Overwatch, a team of an Avengers like team that fought in the war between humanity and machines. From the setting to the animated shorts, you can see that this is a world that Blizzard created just for the game.

Photo source: Blizzard
Photo source: Blizzard

It's always fun when you can have your friends join in on the game makes it more bearable than playing with a complete stranger. The game you more the more you put into it and if you're the sort to only play for an hour and a half then that's completely fine. I've only played for an hour against the computer and it was a joyous experience for me even it was my first time playing and used to the characters. Overwatch is overall, fast and fun and wins the heart of many - like myself- who aren't exactly fans of multiplayer combat.

Check out Overwatch out now for PC/PS4/X-Box One!


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