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It appears the trend of huge video game reveals getting leaked are not stopping soon, as Bungie's First Person-Shooter Destiny (once again) has an upcoming expansion in which its intended reveal was released before planned. This happened when someone on Snapchat revealed the trailer before the Bungie's scheduled live-stream.

This new expansion, which is called the Rise of Iron, will be released on the 20th of September this year on PS4's and Xbox One's everywhere. However I have bad news for you previous-gen Destiny players, it's only coming to those consoles.

This is a sad but expected move. Bungie has always been slowed by the PS3's and Xbox 360's technical limitations. This has been happening with many other games and gaming franchises, where they simply leave the previous-gen consoles and players in the dust. However it's always been deemed a necessary move, so developers can move forward without limitations and continue to push games to new heights.

Of course we can't talk about this new expansion without talking about the elephant in the room, the "Iron Gjallarhorn" is here. It's a shameless (but smart move) to get fans to pre-order the Rise of Iron. It was a popular rocket launcher before, and bringing it back with a new skin is sure to guarantee purchases.

There are some other things to note about this new expansion. For one, it is priced at $30.00, and you're required to own Taken King in order to play it. What will be featured in it?

  • New Earth location called the "Plaguelands"
  • New social area
  • Six-person raid called "Felwinter Peak"
  • A three-player strike
  • The new "Mutated Fallen" faction
  • A Light level increased from the current 335 cap
  • A new quest and gear for players
  • Additional PvP maps and modes for the Crucible

The Rise of Iron is set to release on September 20th, 2016.



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