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If there is one thing that everyone can appreciate, it’s a good Easter Egg. Easter Eggs have been part of the developers DNA since the dawn of time – to this day, we are still discovering exciting new hidden messages in hieroglyphics and cave drawings across the world.

It is believed that the first ever video game Easter Egg hails back to 1980, a game called Adventure on the Atari 2600. Adventure featured a hidden room, the contained the phrase, ‘Created by Walter Robinett’. At that time Atari tended not to credit the developers of their games; this was Robinett’s way of securing his due credit.

Today we are going to take a look at some of gaming’s biggest Easter Eggs that took us all far too long to discover. Today we are going to shed some light on seven of the sneakiest Easter Eggs hidden within some of our favourite games.

7. Splinter Cell: Double Agent – Seal Rescue

This brilliantly bizarre Easter Egg took us four years to find and even then it wasn’t exactly found. Released in 2006, Splinter Cell: Double Agent hide within it a really cool Easter Egg that the developers were sure would be found fairly quickly, however, four years on and it seemed that players were not likely to find their hidden treat after all. Eventually, the developers cracked and had to announce it to the world themselves.

If you enter into co op mode and hit a few secret codes here and use specific vending machines over there you will eventually unlock a cool, rather bizarre seal rescue game. Totally kooky but exactly the kind of thing we all like to see in games.

6. Wave Race: Blue Storm – The less enthusiastic commentator

This one took a whopping eight years to find. In the GameCube’s Jet Ski setting smash, Wave Race: Blue Storm, the player was able to race around doing stunts and generally being a tricky S.O.B. This was all done to the tune of a rather enthusiastic commentator – all good so far.

It wasn’t until somebody decided to mess around in the games audio settings that they found something pretty special. If you insert a code similar to the legendary gamer code you will find that the enthusiastic commentator has tagged out in favour of someone that clearly does not want to be there. Take a look/listen at this guy’s attitude, snarky or what!

5. Halo 3 – Happy Birthday

Here we have another example of an Easter Egg that was hidden a little too well. Halo 3 released back in 2007 and hidden within the game menu was a secret message written from a developer to his wife. It wasn’t until 2014 that this message was discovered- with the help of the developer.

After a gruelling seven years the developer couldn’t keep his secret a secret anymore, announcing to the world that hidden in the menu of Halo 3 was a secret message.

After a community wide Easter Egg hunt it was finally discovered that if you change the date on your console to December 25 (the wife’s birthday), depress both thumbsticks as the game starts up, something kind of sweet is revealed. A new screen will showcase a spinning ring with a message engraved that reads, ‘Happy Birthday Lauren’.

Super sweet!

4. The Arkham Secret

The true unedited ending to Batman: Arkham Knight holds within it one of the coolest Easter Eggs to date. This hidden gem is a brilliant tribute to the series and will certainly appeal to all you Batman: Arkham fans.

It turns out that Batman: Arkham City held within it an Easter Egg that pertained to an event that would occur in Batman: Arkham Knight well before the game was even in development.

This Easter Egg concerns the infamous character called Calendar Man. What was discovered was that if you set your machines to December 13th, 2004, the character Calendar Man was given new dialog.

At the time this was a little vague and meaningless, until we played through Arkham: Knight. The key sentence we have to take from Calendar Mans new, rather lengthy speech is - “The end of days is coming. I was there at your beginning, and I will be there at your end.”

Why is this so important now, you ask? Well, Calendar Man has indeed kept his promise to Batman. Calendar Man was there! Take a look at the ending of the Arkham series and see if you can spot him. Spoilers contained in the following video.

Classic Easter Egg gold there RockSteady!

3. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out – The bearded tipster

This Easter Egg took a humongous 29 years to discover. The mystery of the one punch knockout has been solved. YouTuber and Reddit master midwesternhousewives discovered a key visual cue that instructs players when to throw the killer blow.

As it turns out, there was an easy way for players to beat the infamous big bosses of Punch Out. The developers hid a cue in plain sight that not one person spotted until very recently. It’s all down to the bearded man in the crowd.

The bearded man in the crowd will duck at the precise moment you need to swing. If you follow these instructions then you will always come out on top.

2. Capcom’s epic 25 year old Street Fighter secret

After 25 years Capcom have finally lifted the veil of mystery that has hung over two of the game's most mysterious fighters.

The Street Fighter series is comprised of some of the world’s most famous video game characters. When Street Fighter 2 was released players all over the world were all left wondering who the two fighters in the opening sequence were. Fans flooded Capcom with question but Capcom never even acknowledged them – as if they didn’t exist – until now.

After 25 years, allow me to introduce you to, Max and Scott – the two fighters that have alluded you for so long. It is only now with the imminent launch of Street Fighter V’s new story mode DLC, that Capcom have finally decided to flesh out the story behind the two mystery fighters.

You can see that now they even have their very own bio (Japanese, of course) and rumours are that they are to play a much greater role in the series as time goes on.

1. Smash Bros – Play as Master Hand

An Easter Egg or a glitch, you decide. This awesome discovery whether it be glitch or Easter Egg is just way too remarkable to not include. In 2008 it was discovered that if you follow a specific set of actions in Smash Bros. Melee you can actually play as Master Hand.

If you plug your controller into the third slot and hold down certain buttons (explained clearly in attached link) you will in effect forgo the character choice segment as be allocated to play as Master Hand by default. The character is fully playable with it’s own move sets etc however, if you win as Master Hand the game will crash as there is no animation for this character.

Some say this is a glitch and others argue that it is a hidden Egg, what do you think?

That’s it from me; do you have any classic Easter Egg tales you wish to share with our community? If so, do please share, share, share!


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