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For the past few months, rumors have circulated claiming that Sony has developed a Playstation 4 system with better hardware than the current PS4. The project has been codenamed "NEO" and many people have referred to it as the PS4K. Today, Sony revealed that this system actually exists. However, they did not go into detail about the price, the specs of the system, or when it will be released. We do know that the system will not replace the current PS4, games will support both systems, and the "NEO" will be VR compatible.

Why Is This Important?

Well, on a personal level, I was looking forward to seeing the "NEO" at E3 this year. At the very least, a reveal during the Sony Press Conference would give us an idea of what it looks like and hopefully an explanation of the new specs available for this console. However, all we have is an interview and as scant an amount of information as Sony can muster outside of revealing its existence. In my opinion, this was what Sony needed to "win" E3. However, aside from the "NEO" the only other project similar in caliber is the alleged "Scorpio" from Microsoft the details of which are even more scarce.

This is also extremely important to Sony. In terms of marketing, it's not a great strategy to let rumors circulate about a product you're working on only to do an about face right before the largest electronics expo in the world. Nintendo has done this too and I feel that they'll suffer in much the same way if not to a greater extent because the "NEO" is not a "next gen" console. There are people that clearly want to know more about the product, but a release date and price can't even be given. While it may be due to the marketing team focusing on the launch of Project Morpheus in October, it would make sense to start hyping up fans for a winter release - the point when sales are highest.

So that's my view of the news of the "NEO" being announced and having hopes of an E3 reveal dashed in one fell swoop. Let me know what you think of this news in the comment section below!

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