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Overwatch has finally arrived, and we at Now Loading just can’t take our hands off it! We’ve even launched a weekly live show dedicated to the game called The Overwatch Report, and the turnout from fans has been amazing. In our most recent episode, we covered a whole slew of Overwatch news, strategies and memes- one lucky viewer even won a copy of the game! If you missed this week’s show, you can watch the episode right here. Or if you want to cut right to the chase, you can check out the points we covered below.

McCree and D.Va Changes Incoming!

“It’s High Noon.” The words we all love to say, but hate to hear. Director Jeff Kaplan has spoken recently about rebalancing the western hero McCree to make him a bit less overpowered.

In other news, D.Va players can start feeling more confident in the coming months, as Blizzard is thinking of raising some of her stats. Right now she has two major weak points: she can’t deal damage and she can’t survive a firefight. Instead of raising both of these weaknesses, the developers want to double down on one, which would either make D.Va a full-on tank, or turn her into more of an assault class.

Updates on Cross Platform Play

We’d all love to play with our friends across the dreaded platform divide, and we may be getting what we want… sort of. While Blizzard has given a flat-out “no” about the possibility of consoles battling PC, they're still exploring cross-platform functionality among Xbox One and PS4 owners.

We Might Be Getting a New Hero

Overwatch isn’t exactly lacking in characters, but there are some pretty convincing rumors that Blizzard isn’t content to stay with its current 21-piece ensemble. You can head to Luis Rodriguez's article about the rumors for complete details, but internet sleuths have compiled some sneaky behind-the-scenes footage, environmental easter eggs, and concept art to find ‘Sombra,’ a sniper character, and mother to existing hero Pharah.

Most Valuable Hero Goes To… Lucio?

Who would’ve thought, right? According to Master Overwatch, a stat tracking website, Lucio is topping the charts for overall winrate, popularity and score per minute. It’s no surprise if you really think about it, since Lucio’s generous support abilities allow him to heal multiple players at a time, but one’s first thought might gravitate toward one of the more notoriously overpowered characters like Bastion or McCree.

Some Not-So-Epic Player Moments

We love featuring other Creators’ content on the show, and this fantastic piece by Adonis Gonzalez had us in stitches! It’s a collection of some of the most embarrassing plays captured in Overwatch so far, and there are a few in there that we absolutely couldn’t believe. Here’s one of our favorites:

And that’s it for this week! If you haven’t seen The Overwatch Report, make sure to tune in LIVE on our Facebook Page Thursdays at 5:00 PDT.


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