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The time is upon us as E3 kicks off starting tomorrow and all our gaming needs and wants might be answered. One of the bigger titles that have been buzzing a lot lately is the new Injustice game that recently got a trailer. It's always awesome seeing the first trailer for a game but whats even more exciting is finally seeing the gameplay. We finally got a taste at the feel of Injustice 2 and E3 hasn't even started yet, talk about an early Christmas gift.

This buzz being generated from Injustice is truly insane as we have so many people talking speculations about the story and creating character wish lists. It looks like some of that might have been answered already in the latest trailer. The newest trailer was released during ESL's Mortal Kombat X Pro League Season 3 Finals We might not know what the exact story is but we might have just met 3 or possibly 4 new characters in this new trailer. There is also a few more scenes with the new armor system that will be introduced in the game.

In the last trailer for Injustice we already saw Supergirl as a new character for Injustice 2 but now we see her as a playable character. This isn't the only new character we see in the trailer as Red Lantern Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd, and Black Manta also make appearances. We see Su[ergirl and Red Lantern Atrocitus go at it, Gorilla Grodd and Aquaman duke it out with sharks. and a classic underwater duel between Black Mantra and Aquaman. It also gives us a classic battle between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel while showing off some cool new features.

We all know from the first trailer and talks that this new game would give us the ability for characters to have armor upgrades. Although we saw that in the first trailer we are now looking at it as we all would see it once was playing. The look and feel of these armored looks make me just as excited as the incredible new roster were in for come 2017! You might be wondering who is the fourth new character I mentioned earlier well take a look at Red Lantern Atrocitus shoulder, yep that's Dex-Starr. I'm not sure if he will be a playable character or not but here's hoping, in the meantime we can only just wait till we hear more of the game come E3!

Check Out The Trailer Below For The New Gameplay And Character For Injustice 2!


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