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Last year, EA gave us a beautiful game called Unravel. Unravel was an indie game developed by a small team called Coldwood Interactive, and published by EA. Now, the success of Unravel has not only earned it a sequel (maybe even a whole franchise), but it's also opened the door for more small indie companies to work with EA.

They'll be doing just that thanks to a new partnership with the big developer that EA is calling "EA Originals". With EAO, EA plans to work with more smalltime developers, publishing their games and getting them the attention they deserve! The first project that EA told us will be a part of this new program is a beautiful game called Fe.

Enter The Beautifully Designed World Of Fe!

Developed by Swedish company Zoink, Fe is an indie game that puts players in control of a young cub venturing in a dark forest. Fe is an exploration game, encouraging the player to explore and grow familiar with the strange and mystical environment around them

You can check out the beautiful trailer below:

This Game Is A Work Of Art!

I don't know if you could tell, but I am loving everything visually about this game! I love indie titles, mostly because of innovative and incredible their art style usually is. This game reminds me of games like Journey and Unravel, with its beautiful graphics and vibrant colors.

Everything about the game looks magical and mystifying, from the manta rays in the sky, to the strange creatures that might attack you, to the main cub himself!

Not much is known about Fe right now. The game was announced at EA's press conference with no talk of a release window, or even which system(s) it will be coming out for.

From what I can gather from the reveal trailer, it looks like you (playing as the young cub) will be able to explore the world around you, interacting with its many friendly creatures, such as that strange and beautiful sky manta ray. Of course, the game also seems to have a battle element to it, as you'll also have to watch out for dangerous creatures, such as the strange one-eyed creatures that seem to be burning down the forest.

The game will also apparently have a stealth aspect to it, as seen in the trailer, where you have to hide from the gaze of those one-eyed creatures.

What's The Game About?

Judging from the trailer, it looks like the objective or premise of the game will be to protect your lush forest home from those menacing one-eyed monsters. Fe could very well be an allegory for the destruction of real-life forests, and the effects it has on the animals. Of course, I could just be reading too much into it.

Only time will tell! I'm sure EA will come back with even more information on Fe and the rest of their EA Original projects sometime in the foreseeable future. Until then, I'm keeping my eyes open these coming days for even more E3 goodness!

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