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Jay Ricciardi

We've known for the past few weeks that the next iteration of Battlefield series would be Battlefield 1, set in World War I. But we didn't really know everything about what that meant until June 12th's E3 press conference - when we got a new gameplay trailer.

In addition to trench foot (probably, right?) we'll also get some appropriately badass WWI goodies to play with. The most exciting of all of these (and I'm including horses, guns, and TRAINS) is the aerial combat. We'll be getting into dog fights like the Red Baron and we'll be able to fight and fly massive war ships.

Yeah, that's right: I'm going to fly a war blimp.

Hell yes.

First of all: Holy hell, this is going to be the biggest vehicle in Battlefield.

We've had lots of big things to drive, but nothing quite so massive in the air.

As pictured above, the battle blimps are going to dwarf players and all other vehicles on the map. We don't exactly know what the capabilities of the air ships, but it's safe to assume that the slow movement will be made up for with huge guns and firepower.

Second: Air ships will make every game of Battlefield 1 insanely cinematic.

I don't care if I'm in one, or if I shoot down an air ship: the image of a flaming war ship crashing to the ground is never not going to send shivers down my spine.

This changes everything. All I can do is look at the clip below from the new Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer:

Do want.


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