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Jay Ricciardi

Besides all the other insanely cool things happening in Titanfall 2's new gameplay trailer, there's a whole lot of nutty mech vs mech fighting styles shown off.

Check out the trailer and watch for the fight at about 55 seconds in:

It's hard to pick out what's the most fun part of the trailer: the movement, the guns, the grappling hooks, or mechs with FREAKIN' LASER BEAMS ATTACHED TO THEIR HEADS.

I'm pretty stoked about the possibilities of some good ol' Pacific Rim-style giant mech fisticuffs.

I mean, blast aside, look at these sick moves:

Maybe the team over at Respawn and EA have been watching a little too much UFC lately? Maybe not enough? Let's get some giant mechs in the octagon STAT. Make it happen, Joe Rogan.

Even without mechs, it looks like Titanfall 2's new gameplay trailer also hinted at some other hand-to-hand combat options.

Check out this quick clip below - whether that's a specific combat option or a finishing move kind of thing, we're pretty excited about whatever this means:

The clip cuts out early, so we don't actually get to see a fist meeting a face. I'd assume things don't go too well for our boy in blue here, though.

Titanfall 2 will release in October 28, 2016 - for both Xbox One AND PS4. (Yes, you read that right, PS4 owners.)


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