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During EA Play's press conference at E3 2016, Patrick Soderlund (Executive Vice President of EA Studios) announced EA Originals - a program designed to help indie developers with their projects from beginning to end.

Soderlund opened with talking about Unravel - how we were introduced to this little character called Yarny, and how quickly we fell in love with this bundle of yarn that was brought to life. "When we first saw Unravel, we saw a game that we knew deserved the world's attention," said Soderlund. "It deserved to be played. We also know that there are more out there - more studios like ColdWood, more games like Unravel - passionate developers telling a amazing stories, creating spectacular games."

Watch the video below to see the announcement of EA Originals!

Soderlund continued, saying that the EA Originals program is built around 3 things that they want to achieve. Firstly, it's about discovering "unique, gorgeous, innovative, and memorable" experiences, and giving them their chance to shine. Secondly, it's about supporting indie developers and giving them the help they need to make their games the best they can be. And lastly, it's about funding the developer's projects, which will offer some security to the developers.

Additionally, Soderlund said they want all the profit made from the games to go back into the hands of the developers, so that they can continue creating new ideas in the future, and make those ideas come to life.

Soderlund ended with the announcement of a gorgeous indie game, Fe, which is partnered with EA Originals. To find out more about Fe, be sure to check out this trailer breakdown.


How do you feel about EA Originals?

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