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The E3 hype train keeps rolling as Bethesda's press conference has just concluded! Gamers just received an hour of sweet, sweet gameplay videos and announcements for games like Skyrim: Remastered, Elder Scrolls: Legends, and Fallout 4!

The conference concluded with a long and incredible look at Dishonored 2, the next game from Arkane Studios being developed by Bethesda. Ever since it was announced during E3 2015, fans have been waiting nearly a year for more Dishonored info, and we finally got it!

Earlier today, however, the trailer for Dishonored 2 was leaked before Bethesda's conference. With this unforeseen early leak, many were wondering what Bethesda and Arkane Studios would do about it. Their answer? Reveal a bunch of incredible Dishonored 2 footage that concluded with a longer, much better cut of the gameplay trailer! Check it out below:

As you can see, Bethesda didn't pull any punches at this year's press conference! After a ton of epic reveals, they ended the conference with an even more epic trailer that's sure to be replayed over and over again until Dishonored 2's November release date.

But if you watched the trailer, you probably noticed a specific trend being featured in it. That trend was MURDER! Dishonored is a stealth game that allows players to take both a lethal and non-lethal route when playing it but, judging from the trailer, Emily Caldwin prefers the lethal route.

Emily Caldwin, the young heiress to the throne whom you had to rescue and protect in the first game, is all grown up. Having been trained by her Royal Protector Corvo to become a master assassin, Emily is now a master in the art of killing — a fact that's all too evident in the trailer.

To show just how murder-happy Emily has gotten over the years, here are a couple moments from the trailer!

Emily 'Reverse-Matrixes' A Guard!

Remember that iconic scene from The Matrix, when Neo dodged all the bullets being shot at him in super slow-mo? Well, it looks like Emily might be a big Keanu fan if the above is any indication. Although, she may need to rewatch the movie, because she has a few things mixed up.

Rather than dodging bullets shot at her in slow motion, she's the one firing slow-mo rounds at an unsuspecting guard. Unfortunately for that guard, he's not very good at dodging.

Emily Plays Mortal Kombat!

Emily isn't just a fan of classic films, she also seems to be a huge gamer, evident by her clear homage to Mortal Kombat's own Scorpion here. Reenacting her favorite Mortal Kombat technique, Emily grabs a guy from far away, mentally yells at him to "Get over here!" and stabs him upon his arrival!

All this move shows us is that Emily doesn't let anyone escape her wrath. I feel really bad for the poor, unlucky soul that happens to be a considerable distance across from her.

Not Even Machines Can Escape Her

Emily clearly doesn't kill to survive; she kills for sport! This is a fact made clear by her brutal murder of this poor and unsuspecting robot guard. This guy is just doing his job, protecting the building from any intruders, when his life is suddenly ended by the cold-hearted Emily.

This image also proves that it's not the sight of her enemies' blood that feeds Emily's bloodlust, it's just the act of killing itself! You know, because robots don't have blood.

Emily's Shadow Walk Creeps Up On A Poor Soul

One of Emily's many vicious powers is the Shadow Walk ability. It allows Emily to turn into a shadow, making her invisible to her victi— I mean, enemies. The GIF above shows Emily transforming into a shadow and grabbing an enemy (getting ready to gut him, presumably).

It's not shown in the trailer because it's too ghastly but, during the press conference, this clip went further and showed Emily ripping off the poor guy's leg. I can only assume she needed a new melee weapon to kill her enemies with and decided to "borrow" this guy's limb for a bit.

Emily is clearly not the little girl from Dishonored anymore. In Dishonored 2, you'll control her or Corvo in a plot that involves Emily trying to reclaim her honor and her throne, one merciless kill at a time!

You can get Dishonored 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 11, 2016. And if you're interested in special editions of games, read up on the Dishonored 2 Collector's Edition here!

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