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So, Bethesda's second ever E3 conference just wrapped up, and boy oh boy was it one hell of a conference. Now, a few of the other creators are going to be going a bit more in depth on a few of the reveals, so i'm here to show you some of the highlights, just in case you missed it. And so, to kickoff...

Quake - Champions

Yes! In the space of a year, ID software has not only released a new DOOM game, but is also busting out a brand new Quake! Welcome back to the 1990's everyone! The conference kicked off with a cinematic trailer, showcasing the multiple playable characters, each with their own attributes and abilities. As well as this, the game was confirmed to be running at 120hz, with unlocked FPS and coming exclusively to the PC (at least for now.) Oh, and they have their eye on the e-sports scene...

Speaking of ID Software...

DOOM - Unto The Evil

Fresh off the astoundingly successful release, ID Software are releasing the first batch of premium DLC, Unto The Evil. The DLC will feature two new team game modes, as well as three new free-for-all modes. To top it off, it was also revealed that as of today (June 13th), a demo of the first level of DOOM will be available to those who want to try before they buy!

Fallout 4 - A Vault Load Of Stuff

A lot of news was revealed about Fallout 4 and upcoming DLC, specifically the next three add-ons. First up, Wasteland contraptions. This DLC adds a bunch of stuff to your settlements, including gun racks, armour stands, and the ability to make Rube Goldberg machines!

Second of all, and perhaps my favourite addition, is the new DLC adding the ability to build your own vaults! As expected, you still have to defend them from raiders, but it seems you'll be able to give dwellers their own snazzy vault suit, and, in true Vault-Tec style, run experiments on them! Yay!Third, Nuka-World. Not much was revealed about this, but it appears to be set in a Nuka-Cola theme park. Because...I guess that's what the wasteland was missing all this time.

Finally, and this ties in with DOOM, it was announced that both DOOM and Fallout would be coming to the HTC Vive sometime in 2017. I hope your ready to get up close and personal with a Cyberdemon, or maybe you'd rather have a play around with your virtual reality Pip Boy. Either way, this is sure to be a huge hit.

Oh, and let us not forget Fallout: Shelter. Not only is the game receiving a major update in July featuring new dwellers, enemies, and a new combat system, but it will also be available on PC!

The Elder Scrolls

I'm going to just come out and say it - Yes, Skyrim is being remastered for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Yes, it will have mods on consoles, better graphics, and all that lovely Skyrim goodness. And yes, I got serious goosebumps the second the main theme started playing. More on that here.

Update - It has also been confirmed that if you own Skyrim on the PC, either the Legendary edition or just all the DLC, you get the remaster absolutely free in October. More about that here.



As well as this, the upcoming card game, Elder Scrolls Legends was briefly demo'd, as well as an official announcement regarding the upcoming Dark Brotherhood DLC for Elder Scrolls online. It was also revealed that the level restrictions in ESO were being effectively removed, meaning that right from the start, you can go anywhere, and play with anyone.

Prey - Arkane Studios New IP

So, when Arkane Studios took the stage, we all expected news about Dishonored 2 (more on that soon.) What we got instead was a physcological thriller about a man named Adam, working for a company where a science experiment goes wrong. Obviously. The game is set in 2032 and looks absolutely gorgeous, but aside from the title, not much else is known about it right now.

Dishonored 2 - Emily's All Grown Up

Arkane Studios are obviously rather proud of their latest installment in the Dishonored franchise, and rightly so - it looks stunning. A lot of gameplay and artwork was shown, showcasing Emily's new powers, and how they can be used in both lethal and non-lethal ways. What's more, Arkane also revealed a limited-quantity Collectors Edition, as well as a temporary pre-order bonus of a free copy of the original Dishonored, complete with all DLC. You can read more about that here.

So, there you have it. A not-so-brief round up of the best bits from Bethesda's conference. Feel free to comment, and be sure to stick around - i'll be updating this story with links to more in-depth looks at the new games and features shown off this year.

And, if you want to watch it yourself, you can catch it here:


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