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Well, it's here and every gamer across the universe is drooling after day one of the E3 2016 Press Conferences. The events at E3 are some of the most highly anticipated gaming announcements every year, and even though we're only one day in, we've not been disappointed.

Starting Sunday afternoon, E3 kicked off the events with the EA presser. While watching, EA dished out a ton of fantastic news as well as going all-out in the first showing of the day. It started off with some big news for Titanfall fans that anticlimactically revealed the new single-player mode (which was leaked hours earlier). The EA presser continued with Madden and Mass Effect: Andromeda before taking a breather and announcing the Play to Give initiative where gamers can complete in-game challenges that lead to donations to several organizations.

Oh, The Feels!

EA pushes forward with news including: More expansion for Star Wars: Battlefront, FIFA, the new original called Fe, and of course Battlefield 1. Yet, what is the most enticing piece of news in my mind was the rather brief announcement about the future of EA and Star Wars.

What's Coming In 2016?

At EA Play, gamers got a peek at what EA Studios and and other partner teams are developing. Each of the games is set to explore the Star Wars Universe in ways we haven't seen in games past. EA is set to allow players to experience different eras through unique games on various platforms.

So first off, like I mentioned above, EA dropped the news that the recent Star Wars: Battlefront would receive new content from EA DICE. This new content would include free stuff as well as three additional expansion packs: Bespin, Death Star and a surprise coming in December. And even still more exciting is the news that DICE is partnering with Criterion to work on an exclusive virtual reality mission for PlayStation VR this year. Which is absolutely incredible and makes me want a PlayStation VR!

Galaxy of Heroes, the mobile experience of a lifetime (my personal opinion) is set for further expansion with the already added guilds, raids and chat features from this spring. Capital Games will add more updates and a ton of content.

That's Cool, But What Else Is Coming?

Well, actually there's a lot still yet to be revealed. But we do know that we can expect three new Star Wars games in the coming years. Considering the fan reaction to Star Wars: Battlefront, it makes sense that DICE and Motive Studios are already developing a new installment of the online FPS. EA even goes so far as to say that it's listened to all the feedback the fans have offered, and the collaborative team is already deep into development. Along with realizing our hopes and dreams for the series, they are also innovating in a variety of aspects that should easily excite us all when the details are finally revealed.

After a follow-up to Battlefront, we can expect a new and original story from Visceral Games. Considering that Visceral was a behind the Dead Space series and Battlefield: Hardline; this new action-adventure game is in good hands. There's really very little known about this game, but speculation abounds and many fans are hoping that it will be an open-world style RPG. However this game is developed, we know that it is a collaborative original story between the team at Lucasfilm and the Visceral team, so we can assume that it will stick true to what we know about the Star Wars Universe.

Then going even further out, we were given a look at a special third-person action-adventure game in production by Respawn Entertainment. This new game is set to feature a completely unique style of game play that will be set in a unexplored timeline and setting. Check out the link above to read more about the potential with this game.

So there you have it. Our beloved galaxy far, far away is expanding in truly new and unique ways. EA has said that no matter your platform nor your genre of choice, it'll have a game for you.


Are you ready for the Star Wars Universe to expand like this?


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