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Rob Harris

Rumors have been circulating about Microsoft's new hardware for a few months now, but the company finally broke its silence at E3 2016 where it announced its brand new box.

"Slimmer, sleeker, smaller" — that's Microsoft's pitch for its new and improved console, the Xbox One S. Starting at a more-than-reasonable price point of $299, the white machine contains more memory while taking up less space.

The Xbox One S boasts a number of new and impressive features including:

  • A 40% smaller size
  • A 2TB hard drive
  • 4K Ultra HD video capabilities
  • A new, streamlined controller
  • An vertical stand

Microsoft seems to have used lessons learned while developing the Xbox Elite controller, rolling the same iterative improvements into a its slick new pad.

The 2TB Xbox One S will be available in August for $399, with two additional versions — a 500GB edition for $299 and a 1TB for $349 — following shortly after.

What do you think of the Xbox One S. Will you be picking one up?


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