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DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! I absolutely loved the Doom franchise. I grew up with Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom as a kid, it was what got me started in the first person shooter genre and those along with the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time were the games that turned me into a gamer. I didn't play Doom 3 until recently and the game was great and all, it was actually scary in places but I prefer the old school Doom games more. So you can guess that I was very excited when the first trailer for Doom dropped.

With this 'reboot' out and I finally got the chance to play it, I can sum up my feelings for the game in one word: badass. This a definite return to old school style of first person shooters with fast paced action, no aiming down the sights, ammo, health, and armor scattered on the ground, etc. Now with the title just being called Doom, one would think this was a full on remake or reboot of the first game...nope. Technically this is Doom 4 and continues the franchise.

Doomguy is back and the UAC has opened gateways to Hell on Mars once again and now he must stop them.

Yeah that's the best I can do with a summary. Yeah the story is definitely not the point of the game here but while you're playing, you can learn a lot about the lore with codex entries and it's very interesting what they tell you.

How is the gameplay? Well I can sum that up as: it's everything I ever wanted Doom to be. I have so much fun running around with a shotgun and blowing demons and zombie-like creatures into pieces or running up with the chainsaw and mowing them down; all while the most epic of heavy metal rock plays in the background. from beginning to end, you feel like a total badass as Doomguy due to some new mechanics such as glory kills. When you weaken an enemy enough, they will be stunned and if you walk up and melee them at a certain part of the body, Doomguy will execute one of many satisfying brutal kills that will make you happy. This isn't just to be awesome either, these glory kills will give you ammunition and health when you are low. Oh that's another thing, were you expecting a game where if you get hurt you'd just have to wait and your health will return? Pfft, holding still gets you killed, my friend. Never stop moving and keep killing until you get health from enemies OR find health packs; once again, a return to the old school style of shooters.

There is no sprint button, Doomguy is constantly sprinting thus making the game move at an exquisite pace and there is no drop in framerate which keeps you perfectly immersed into the game. Just like the original Doom games, you will feel like you've been playing for maybe thirty minutes but you'll look up at the clock and realize: it's 2 AM? Well then.

Now Doomguy is already awesome to start with but the more challenges you complete, the more Praetor tokens you collect, or finding Upgrade Drones in levels, you can upgrade Doomguy's suit and his guns. Speaking of guns, this is yet another return to old school style of shooters with a giant roster of guns to choose from; most games force you to choose between two weapons, maybe four at the most but Doom decides to give you an entire wheel of guns that are all useful throughout the game so you are not sticking with just one gun.

As far as I'm concerned Doom has the best single player campaign that I've played in years with a great thirteen to sixteen hour length that never feels boring or dragged out. However that isn't all there is with this game, there is a Multiplayer which I barely play since it's just a bit too chaotic for my taste but I can see why some enjoy it and some hate it. There is also a map creator called SnapMap which could have been amazing but it does have problems: you can only have two weapons in SnapMaps....that's lame. I understand two weapons for Multiplayer but some of these maps feature hordes of Hell Knights and Barons of Hell which makes them nearly impossible without the weapon wheel. Though I heard that SnapMap will be getting a huge update so hopefully they fix some of the problems. SnapMap is a fantastic concept just not as refined as say Super Mario Maker was.

Overall, all my issues I had with SnapMap and Multiplayer are just nitpicks and once a game this year shocks me because I rarely give this rating out but Doom gets a 10/10.

I had a total blast with Doom and it goes down as one of my favorite games ever made. I say check it out, it is worth every penny. Just sit back, relax, and fight like hell.


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