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Virtual Reality gaming is the way of the future! That's a fact made especially clear this year, where VR is featured just about everywhere. From Sony to Microsoft, every big game publisher and developer is integrating VR into their future plans.

With virtual reality, we can fully immerse ourselves in our games. We can explore wastelands, engage in epic space battles, and even become birds from the safety of our home. Yes, you read that last part right, we can become birds.

Specifically, we can become eagles, and soar across cities. Now I now what you're thinking, how is flying around as an eagle just as exciting as battling in space or exploring post-apocalyptic worlds? Well, just look at Ubisoft's upcoming VR game, Eagle Flight.

Gain Eagle Vision In Eagle Flight!

Eagle Flight is the next project from Ubisoft that will fully explore the capabilities of virtual reality. Slap on your VR headsets and see what it's like to be the world's most dangerous aviary predator!

It's been 50 years since humans disappeared from the Earth, leaving the animals to inhabit the empty city streets of the world. As an eagle, you use your swift wings to soar across the city of Paris, and your sharp talons and ear-piercing screech to protect your territory from invaders!

With Eagle Flight, players will be able to experience how it feels to have the wind beneath your wings. They'll be able to live a life in the day of a ferocious and protective eagle, protecting their home from other eagles. Assassin's Creed may have come first, but it's Eagle Flight that will give fans true "eagle vision"!

Not much is known about Eagle Flight, but thanks to an action-packed Ubisoft E3 conference today, we now know one multiplayer mode will work. During the conference, Ubisoft revealed a ton of info and gameplay for games such as Watch Dogs 2, and Star Trek VR (which nearly made my heart explode). It also presented a cool multiplayer video for Eagle Flight that showcased the game's "Capture the Flag" type mode.

Time For Some Eagle Quidditch!

In "Capture the Prey", two opposing teams of eagles fight over a single prey. There are three eagles on each team, and the objective of the game is find the prey and bring it back to your team's nest before the other team does.

However, the eagles can attack and kill each other to try and steal the prey from the enemy team. The first team to capture a certain amount of prey and bring it to their nest wins. It's your standard CtF game mode, but this time with eagles!

Maybe it's just because I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, but I really think the name of this mode should have been called "Quidditch with Eagles", because that's really all it is. Of course, I am totally okay with this, and am looking forward to playing this sort of Quidditch mode until developers wise up and give us an actual Harry Potter VR game.

Check out the Capture the Prey mode below:

The CtP mode was the only one revealed at E3, but I'm sure there will be more modes available when Eagle Flight releases later this year!

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