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The Xbox E3 conference was held this morning (or afternoon, or even night depending on where you're at), and in my opinon, it was incredible! Xbox did a much better job at this E3 than they did last year, kicking things off with introducing the Xbox Slim, and then getting straight to the games!

Dead Rising 4, Gears of War 4, Sea of Thieves, and more were announced during the conference, giving fans plenty of epic AAA games to look forward to. One game that I can't wait for is a new IP from developers Comcept and Armature Studio, called ReCore.

ReCore is an upcoming Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive being worked on by Comcept and Armature in collaboration with Microsoft Studios and Keiji Inafune of Mega Man fame. Revealed at E3 2015, ReCore kind of went under the radar for a whole year, despite its impressive premise. Now, during E3 2016, Xbox has brought it back into the light with an amazing gameplay trailer. Check out the trailer below. Quick warning, the song is pretty addicting to listen to:

ReCore looks like an epic third-person action-adventure, and I can't wait to get my hands on it! One awesome thing about ReCore is its interesting cast of characters. ReCore features more than one main character, it features a whole team working together in unison to complete the mission.

Rather than do a traditional trailer breakdown, I thought I'd take a closer look at the characters featured, and speculate a bit on what their purpose will be in ReCore. Let's check them out!

Joule - "Fearless Leader"

The first we're introduced to is Joule, the fearless leader of the pack. Joule is seen kicking major behind with her variety of skills and tools, such as her trusty grappling hook, seen above.

Joule can use her grappling hook to pull enemies closer to her, no doubt so that she can deliver a finishing blow! If her grappling hook doesn't work, she's also got some sort of laser assault rifle, and a pair of rocket boots to zoom around the battlefield.

Joule seems like a kind of all-around assault type of character. Players will most likely find her the easiest to play, with her run n' gun style method. That's not to say she won't have a bit of strategy to her play style. Players will no doubt be able to come up with a ton of great battle plans, utilizing her assault rifle and her grappling hook!

Mack - "Explorer"

Meet Mack, the explorer of Team ReCore! Mack is a bot designed to look like a dog, and judging from his occupation, I'd say he's at least part bloodhound.

Mack will likely be a character that's exceptionally good at finding cool stuff, like power-ups, treasures, and whatever else is available to find in the game. Given his small stature, he will probably be able to fit into smaller areas that other characters can't reach.

But don't worry, Mack won't be left unprotected on the battlefield. Mack has an epic dash attack that can be used to decimate any enemies in front of him! It looks like Mack will be a pretty powerful character, despite his small size.

He may also be key in finding more of those battery-like orbs featured in the game's trailer, that seem to power him and other machines in ReCore.

Seth - "Escape Artist"

Seth is a spider-like robot perfect for when the player needs to make a clean-yet-destructive getaway. Inside his head is a deadly laser-rifle that works like a rocket launcher.

Seth will likely be like a mobile sentry, allowing him to take out waves of enemies with his power weapon.

His "escape artist" feature lets Joule grapple hook onto him and use hovering platforms to get a height advantage on her enemies.

It also looks like he can launch Joule when she's connected to him, giving players a new way to get to far away platforms!

Duncan - "Heavy Hitter"

Here we go, a character for the kind of player who loves to absolutely destroy their enemies! Duncan is a "heavy hitter" type, using nothing but his bare fists to cause destruction on the battlefield!

Following the animal trend of the other two, Duncan is (fittingly) a gorilla-like robot, meaning that he packs a heavy punch. Duncan will likely be used to clear rooms with a ton of powerful enemies, taking them out with his fists and his ground pound, which can apparently cause the floor to erupt into flames!

??? - "???"

The end of the ReCore trailer shows the team posing and getting ready to roll, but eagle-eyed viewers will notice that there's two members of the team we haven't been introduced to yet.

The first is some rover-like character, next to Seth, and the second is a hovering, jelly-fish like character just above him. We'll most likely get more information on these characters when we get close to the games release date.

Until then, E3 is still going on, and there's still plenty more to get excited about! You can get ReCore for the Xbox One and PC one September 13, 2016!

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