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The hype for E3 has already been going over the roofs with many new game trailers as well as new upgrades to consoles and even controllers. We are also starting to hear more from games we might have already seen a trailer for before E3 even started. One of those games we saw a trailer for before E3 was the Battlefield 1 game. This game has been getting so much praise from just one trailer that it was without a question we would hear more come to the expo. We definitely got more but also some very exciting news for some specific console users.

In the midst of the Microsoft conference, we got some pretty awesome news for all Xbox One players. If you are a Xbox One user then you will be lucky enough to get your hands on Battlefield 1 a week before it comes out! Yes, that's right while everyone else has to wait till October 21st to pick up the game Xbox One users can get it the 13th. It might not be that large of a gap but if you're someone who just wants those levels up as quickly as possible then this is good news.

The way it will work will be through EA's Access program and it's just such good news to any Battlefield fan. If the hype for the game wasn't already big then this announcement probably skyrocketed the anxiousness of Xbox One users. I for one can not wait to get my hands on this game a week before what I was expecting it to come out. The big question however definitely has to be what other games will do exclusive releases this year as well?

It looks like gaming companies are starting to take note of players wanting a bit more exclusivity when it comes to big name games like this. We saw the same thing happen with Call of Duty and Sony last year and will more than likely keep seeing it. In the meantime if you're a Xbox One user and are excited for Battlefield 1 then be ready come October 13th to pick up your copy.

Battlefield 1 Will Be Available October 13th on Xbox One and October 21st For PC And PS4


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