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It's no surprise that games are always looking for ways to make their gaming experience truly unique. This is something that Microsoft might have noticed with its recent announcement at E3. The conference gave us a look at the exclusive games coming to the Xbox One as well as Microsoft's upcoming consoles. We also learned how Microsoft is shaking up its original controller and giving control to the players. The latest from Microsoft concerning their controllers? Full customization options for the player.

Xbox One Controllers In All The Colors You Can Dream Of!

This might not be something new for many who have opted for third-party vendors to get their own customized controller. The announcement, however, means there is now an official Microsoft controller-customizing team. We will now be able to go on a website and change everything's color as well as engrave text on the controller. This will all be done through Xbox Design Lab and now has an official website — so head on over now! The question is how many combinations are there of color schemes? According to the official image, there are "8 million ways to make it yours."

You might be wondering why you should opt into one of these controllers over the one you have now. The answer is that this new controller will, in fact, be in the likes of the Xbox One S controller shipping later this year. This means that the controllers will be including Bluetooth for better range and a subtle, but pleasant, textured and grip on the back panel. If you're ready to go ahead and use the new controllers, you're going to have to wait for them to ship in September — but that doesn't mean you can't go ahead and start designing here!

Xbox One Controllers Will Ship In September


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