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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Microsoft had so many new hardware announcements today! It started with the brand-new Xbox One S, a slim version of the console that finally does away with the dreaded power brick! Also announced: a new, redesigned controller that will be completely customizable to any color, pattern, and look of your choosing. The biggest announcement of the day, however, was the much-rumored Project Scorpio. An updated-hardware version of our beloved Xbox One will be coming to us next holidays season and it looks to pack a huge punch — but will it ruin the sales of the Xbox One S?

Will People Hold Off For Project Scorpio?

All of us were very excited to get our hands on a brand new Xbox One S console — that is, until the announcement of this brand new, 4k, VR-enabled console that will be coming not long after the Xbox One S. While the price difference may cause the casual audience to shy away, we hardcore gamers will have to think twice about our next big purchase. Should we hold off to get this new technical masterpiece, or should we get the new, smaller Xbox?

If You Don't Have A 4k TV, Don't Bother With Scorpio

If you don't have a 4k TV capable of rendering the resolution that Scorpio will kick out, you will have a beast of a machine that is completely under-utilized. However, if you are someone who is interested in virtual reality, you will have some fun! We know that Fallout 4 is coming to VR, and I'm sure many more games will follow in its footsteps.

If You're A Casual Gamer, Go With The Slim!

The Slim is looking to eliminate the bulkiness of both the original console and the dreaded power brick that came with it! It is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One — a fact that already has me prepared to trade in my old console for this sleeker, smaller design. This is tailor made for a casual gamer, and luckily Microsoft is making the great decision to make every game and every piece of hardware comparable across all platforms!

Which Should You Choose?

Bottom line, if you are among the most hardcore of gamers and want the best graphics, frame rate, and resolution, go with Scorpio. If you are in the majority — a.k.a., the casual-gamer crowd — go with the Slim. Both of these consoles have great upsides and both will be great upgrades from your current Xbox One console. Microsoft really killed it this year at E3, and I can't wait to see more!


Which Console Will You Be Picking Up?


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