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War Never Changes But Battlefield One Changes Everything. Never have I seen such an epic depiction of the Great War. Dice blew away the competition at this years EA Play conference as they unveiled a myriad of new features for their hotly anticipated Battlefield 1.

The new footage showcases new weapons, vehicles and classes in the hands of high profile celebrities and pro gamers. The reveal featured a whole host of pro gamers and celebrities getting hands on with Battlefield 1. Jamie Foxx taking control of a WW1 tank is a spectacle within itself!

That Frostbite engine is no slouch – the environment could not look any more real and the in-game mechanics run seamlessly into one another. From total environmental destruction to butterfly effect ‘levolution’ Battlefield one surpasses all expectation and looks set to take Call of Duty head on come October.

Yes, October - as well as a killer celebrity soaked gameplay demonstration - Dice also revealed that the new Battlefield will release October 21, 2016.

Not everything will change, Dice were quick to assure the Battlefield loyalists that all the fundamental Battlefield elements will remain. From Conquest to Domination this latest smash will host the same 64 player lobbies but it will also see the introduction of new game modes.

One new mode revealed is called, Operations. This mode is your classic WW1 attack vs. defend type scenario. The defenders entrench themselves and the attackers must overrun their defensive lines. Utilise teamwork and an all new array of weaponry to emerge victorious.

So far Dice have unveiled four multiplayer maps, The St Quentin Scar, Monte Grappa, Amiens and Empire's Edge, each with specific class focus. There are still many more maps to be revealed that will cater to even more game styles. Let’s not forget that Battlefield 1 has the great expanse of Europe to explore.

Battlefield one is set to be the biggest, most immersive Battlefield experience yet, and I can’t wait to see more. Check out the multiplayer gameplay below.

In terms of narrative; the gameplay will focus on the technological advancements of the age as they adapt the new developments into warfare. From weapons to tactics it is a battle of brains and brawn.

The single player element focuses on a collection of character "dealing with the changing world in their own ways”. Expect a similar layout to Band of Brothers.

Check out the latest campaign trailer below.

This title gets bigger and better each and every time I see it. Dice have truly encapsulated the grandeur of both the industry and the era in which their new game is set. They could not have done a better job!

What do you make of battlefield one so far?

Source (video): IGN


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