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We are all very aware of the type of game that Dead Rising is, it clearly plays to no one's rules. The game is a survival horror in the likes of no other with your basic goal is just killing as many zombies with as many different weapons. Yes, there is more to it than that but hey don't we all just love some good old zombie killing. We were all treated to a trailer for the latest in the Dead Rising series with the new game Dead Rising 4.

Frank Is Back!

The game is bringing back Frank West who we all love from the other games but also adding something else. It looks like this game will not only bring back the same features we love but also some holiday spirit as well! The trailer starts off with Frank being the Frank we all remember but quickly shows us its Christmas time! The trailers show off the Dead Rising gameplay we all love from the other titles. There's even a moment in the trailer where we see a freaking candy cane shooting a bow!

Candy Cane Shooting Bow!

If that doesn't scream Christmas I don't know what will do it, perhaps the Christmas tree full of zombies? Yes, it looks like Dead Rising is back and I'm super excited to get back to it. This game looks to want to try and make the game crazier than ever with the weapon choices being more bonkers than the last. If you thought the candy cane bow was crazy there's even an exo-suit that lets you pick up super heavy stuff and a fire-breathing dinosaur head you can wear. I don't even think dinosaurs ever spewed fire, but who cares it looks cool!

Fire Spewing Dino Head!

If you're already bringing out the piggy bank for this game you might have to hold off as it looks like its won't is out till the holiday season. The game will be released on both Xbox One and Windows 10. This is exceptionally exciting news with the announcement of cross platform playing announced by Microsoft as well. We already saw the co-op mode in Dead Rising 3 and most definitely should still see it in Dead Rising 4. If all seems to be pointing in the right direction then PC users and Xbox One users can go on a zombie spree together! Oh, what a time it truly is to be a gamer right?

Dead Rising 4 Will Be Released In The Holiday Season On Both Xbox One And Windows.


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