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VR opens up the final frontier. For everything, there is a first time – see what I did there? That’s right friends; there is indeed a Star Trek game on the way. Ubisoft make it so, as they reveal at this year’s E3 conference their plans to release an all new Star Trek game.

Stars of the universe took to the stage to demonstrate the next generation of Star Trek. It was quite a sight – the real actors playing the game using the actual movie terminology. The new game is a unique totally custom experience that allows you to play in whatever fashion you wish.

The game is titled, Star Trek: Bridge Crew and will be focused towards the VR market. The game will be set in JJ Abrams' Star Trek universe, and will see the player take on the converted role of captain. Alternatively, you are free to play as either the engineer or helmsman – whichever takes your fancy.

It is a game that focuses on co-op gameplay that rewards team work. Ubisoft have stated that this will be one of their most immersive games that truly allows players to escape not only their reality but their planet. In effect this is the ultimate Star Trek simulator.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be heading to all major VR systems and will steer the way forward into the future of team based virtual reality. So, let’s see what’s out there…

That’s it from me; I don’t think I could have fitted many more Star Trek quotes in there… Admiral, there be whales here.

What do you make of Star Trek?


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