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The gaming convention E3 has just started this weekend and we've already gotten huge news from Sony! The 2014 video game Watch Dogs will not only be getting a sequel, but it will also get its own film adaptation!

After showing game play footage from the new game, Yves Guillemot from Ubisoft, Jim Ryan from Sony, and host Aisha Tyler talked about how Ubisoft is very confident that their Assassin's Creed movie will do well, and they think that Watch Dogs will fit into the film industry greatly. Actress, comedian, and host Aisha Tyler mentioned that she thinks possible leads in the film should be Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Fantastic Four), Taye Diggs (Equilibrium, The Best Man Holiday), and yes, even herself.

Some think this movie is a great idea.

Others clearly do not think the same.

And of course, some people seem to have mixed feelings.

If you aren't excited for this live action take on this exciting game, then you're crazy! It has the potential to be a great movie! Let's take a look at a few reasons to as of why it has this said potential, shall we?


This game has great fighting sequences, gun fights, car chases, and so much more! If it had the right budget, we could have more action than we ever thought possible.


Throughout the Watch Dogs game there are so many instances where you get to hack into the technology around you and use it to your advantage. Whether it be blacking out the city (as seen above), controlling automobiles with your phone, getting information on the people around, the possibilities are endless!

Free Running!

Free running is one of the main physics of this game, aside from hacking. It's always fun to be able to watch someone perform moves that require such agility and focus. So obviously, that's something that'd we all love to see on the big screen, right?


Obviously, casting will be a huge part of this movie. Assassin's Creed has Michael Fassbender, so Watch Dogs should have someone big too, right? Maybe someone like Edward Norton, or Joel Kinnaman, or maybe even Mark Wahlberg? Hopefully we'll know soon!

While you're waiting for the movie, check out the sequel's trailer!

What do you think of this news? Will you see the movie? Let me know!

Watch Dogs 2 hits shelves November 15th, 2016!


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