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From the creator of Layers of Fear comes this cyberpunk horror that explores the realms of dream manipulation and fear exploitation. Imagine being unable to hide your biggest fears and having them used against you in the most horrific ways? This horror takes fear to a whole new level.

From Bloober Team, the studio being Layers of Fear comes a brand new horror. Observer is the haunted depiction of a digitised, desolate future. The narrative sees the player take on the role of a detective in a utopian future set somewhere in Eastern Europe.

The world is grim and the player will experience a level of terror that game fans the world around will love and equally deplore. In other words this is one very scary game!

Little more is known about this horror touting title – what we can see from the trailer revealed at the PC Game show at E3 is that it revolves around a futuristic premise that is saturated in horror.

Gameplay was limited but the reveal (below) lead us through a corridor and into a room where a woman can be seen sat in a chair hooked up to a machine. What happens next is left up to our imagination, but the tag reads - "What would you do if your fears got hacked and used against you?"

This new horror takes us years ahead into the future where it seems that technology has only made matters worse for these unfortunate people. If Layers of Fear is anything to go by then Observer is going to be one hell of a scary experience.

I can’t wait!

What do you make of Observer?


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