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Rob Harris

Ubisoft chose not to show an Assassin's Creed game during its press conference at E3, instead concentrating on the franchise's cinematic evolution.

New behind-the-scenes footage of the upcoming movie was unveiled, featuring leading man Michael Fassbender talking about the movie's action sequences, as well as stuntmen performing truly stomach-churning leaps. Check it out below:

Much like Desmond from the first three AC games, Callum (Fassbender) finds himself under the control of the shady Templar organization Abstergo. Although set in the same universe as the games, the movie features a completely original story that's set to expand our knowledge of the franchise's wider mythology.

Director Justin Kurzel talks about staying true to the franchise's core:

“I think 'Assassin’s Creed' has a really deep concept and idea, which is going back into time and having some sort of relationship with the ancestor that’s come before you.”

With an impressive array of A-list talent on board — Jeremy Irons, Marion Cotillard, and Brendan Gleeson to name a few — I'm hopeful and eager to see more of the movie.

Assassin's Creed is set for US release on December 21.


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