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David Palmer

There may not be a “run around and stab Templars” game this fall, but Ubisoft will still have its logo appearing on shelves.

“Watch Dogs 2” will arrive on November 15, and Monday at E3 Ubisoft shared some gameplay, following the trailer they dropped a few days ago. The game takes place in the colorful San Francisco, as opposed to the rainy, grey Chicago of the original game, and appears to have a more fun, almost-GTA V tone.

A younger protagonist also will help, as the emotionally drained Aiden Pearce got tedious after a while. You can now use hacking in fights and I like how it looks to be an “I’m doing this for fun” motive, not “ugh, you killed my family” revenge tale of the first game. You can check out the gameplay below.

Also on the “Watch Dogs” front, they have confirmed that they still are going to make a movie based on the game. It was originally announced in 2013, however kind of faded into oblivion following the mixed reception to the game. The movie is moving forward, and depending on how “Assassin’s Creed” is received this December, Ubisoft feels this could be the new frontier for video games films (nowhere to go but up after “Warcraft,” amiright?)


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