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Sony may have stole the show at E3 already with their press conference. Short on talk and long on impressive game play demos backed by a live orchestra, we were awed by beautiful and immersive gameplay being rolled out by one title after another. And pushed the boundaries even further with big announcements in the realm of virtual reality gameplay. Let's dive in.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Players love CoD so much they hate seeing it change too much. So when it was announced that part of Infinite Warfare would be space combat, gamers pretty much lost their mind. But take a look at the actual gameplay footage shown at today's press conference. It makes the game look ... dare I say it, fun. See for yourself. Coming out November 4th on all platforms.

God of War

More like Dad of War, am I right people? Kratos is back, but this time he is training a young protege. In what could otherwise be a lackluster sequel to ok franchise, the immersive world, outstanding acting and brutal combat made for a stunning live demo. Check out the trailer below and tell me it doesn't leave you wanting more. No release date yet.

Death Stranding

Fan favorite Hideo Kojima made a surprise appearance to announce his new game Death Stranding. The teaser is very teasery. All we know is another fan favorite, Walking Dead's Norman Reedus, stars in it and there's some surreal oil babies involved. Confused yet? So are we. See what you can glean from the trailer and let's wait to see what we find out this time next year. No release date yet.

Days Gone

This AAA zombie survival title came out of nowhere and Sony gave it the star treatment, ending the press conference with an extended live play demonstration. Is it enough to compete in a crowded field of AAA zombie survival titles? I have my doubts. Will need to see more of it this week. No release date announced.

The Last Guardian

Announced years ago, some doubted this would ever be released, but now that we see the trailer it looks gorgeous and heartbreaking all at the same time. And more importantly, there's a release date: October 25, 2016. Hopefully we'll see what actual gameplay is like this week.

Resident Evil Biohazard

Welcome to the terrifying world of high definition graphics. Worlds rendered so real that the grit, grime, cockroaches, blood, and rot of titles like Resident Evil can be brought to new heights of horrific realism. And the best (worst?) part of this new version of the beloved horror franchise? The game will be playable in VR as well. This will be releasing on January 24, 2017.


Yep, Sony has another Spider-Man game in the works. This is my surprised face. This time it's from Insomniac Games of Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet & Clank fame. The trailer looks fun, but, once again, we're going to need to see how actual gameplay works out. No release date yet.

Horizon Zero Dawn

A trailer for this open world RPG came out last week hinting at the combat of a primitive people against mechanized beasts. And now we get to really see what it's about with 8-1/2 minutes of gameplay footage that was demo'd live on stage at the press conference. The combat system looks wonderfully complex in a good way with lots of choices with weapons and strategies. Projected release date is February 28, 2017.

Detroit: Become Human

This game appears to be one where you play an android trying to stop another of your kind from taking the life of a little girl. But if you fail, you can replay it making different choices. Again and again and again and again. Talk about replayability. The trailer lays it out for you. Still no release date on this one.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

What's not to love with these LEGO movie recreation games? The action, the humor, the game play are all top notch. And this one looks no different. From Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter LEGO has been doing these right for years and Star Wars is no different. And if this one catches your eye, you're in luck. The demo is available right now with the full game coming in two weeks. How's that for service?

PlayStation VR

Let's get to the good stuff. First, PlayStation VR will be on sale in America on October 13th for $399 with 50 games available. What games are those, you ask? Some pretty damn impressive ones based on what Sony showed us today. They included Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission, Final Fantasy XV VR Experience, and Batman Arkham VR. We're not sure which ones are available to try at E3 this week but we're going to try to get our hands one what we can. In the meantime, check out the VR reveal trailers below.


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