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Jay Ricciardi

Hideo Kojima, the beloved Japanese developer who gave us Metal Gear Solid, knows how to do three things very well:

  • Make games
  • Be endearing
  • Passive aggressively ruin Konami by being besties with Walking Dead superstar Norman Reedus

Kojima, at the Sony E3 2016 press conference, announced his new, creepy title: Death Stranding. The title stars a butt-naked, motion-captured Norman Reedus.

It's hard to not be excited

Here's our first look at Reedus in Death Stranding

Reedus was in Kojima's cancelled game P.T., butt they've remained close collaborators

When Konami let Kojima leave the company, things got a little strange.

On one hand, fans worried over Kojima no longer having the support of his long-time parent company. It's hard to see a phenomenal industry veteran, one so influential and acclaimed, be so quickly discarded by the company he poured years of his life into.

On the other hand, however, it meant Kojima was free to pursue whatever passion projects he had - at pretty much any studio he wanted, or his own studio. Now, that's exactly what he's doing with Death Stranding. And with Norman Reedus, to boot. And it's hard not to be very, VERY excited about what comes next. You can watch the full trailer reveal for more clips of Kojima and Death Stranding.


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