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For whatever reason it is. Low budget, short milestones or even poor talent, sometimes superheroes cannot make a good video game. No matter how cool, awesome or popular they are, sometimes they can make real poor excuses of entertainment. This list is to show the superheroes who have made very few games, or too many awful games. So let’s get started with:

1. Spider-Man

Number of Games – 30

Number of Good/Decent Games – 6

I thought I would start this list with, in my opinion, the most obvious. For some reason, video game developers seem to think that the core gameplay in a Spider-Man game should be punching small guys and then punching slightly bigger guys and then punching large guys. At least games like Spider-Man 2 and Ultimate Spider-Man understood that the best part of a Spider-Man game should be swinging free roam in New York City. Amazing Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man 2 tried this but they, unfortunately, failed harshly.

Not to say that other Spider-Man games hadn’t been decent like Shattered Dimensions, Spider-Man The Movie: The Game and the original Spider-Man on the N64 that introduced 3D web-swinging in video games. However, out of all the superheroes out there, I think Spider-Man has the most games under his belt and for only six of those to be good or decent, I think he well deserves a spot on this list.

2. Iron-Man

Number of Games – 4

Number of Good/Decent Games – 1

You’d think that the most iconic Avenger would transition into video games as well as any other media but Iron Man cannot catch a break when it comes to video games. Iron Man had a couple of game releases from his popularity from his run in the comic books and his short-lived animated show. Then he had two other game releases after his new found fame from Iron Man and Iron Man 2... and boy were they awful.

Not only were they technically broken and looked like garbage but they were boring, really boring. The only Iron Man game that has received decent reviews is his Gameboy Advance game back in the early 2000s that most gamers barely know about. Hopefully, we can get a real cool Iron Man game with fast-paced flying, awesome combat and maybe even some open – world gameplay. I guess only time will tell.

3. The Punisher

Number of Games – 4

Number of Good/Decent Games – 2

Now, the reason I’m putting Punisher on this list is probably because of personal reasons, mostly because he’s up there as one of my favorite Marvel characters. I’m not putting him on this list because he constantly makes horrible games like Spider-Man or Superman but because he should be in more great games and now is probably the best time for it. There is some real potential for a great Punisher game or Punisher series like the Batman Arkham series.

Throw in his arsenal of weapons, free-flow combat from the Arkham games, and even other marvel cameos like Spider-Man, Captain America or Daredevil. Punisher has even made a pair of decent games that, unfortunately, many people have not played but they are seriously overlooked. I think there is a major missed opportunity with Punisher and some developer company needs to take it before it’s too late.

4. Superman

Number of Games – 14

Number of Good/Decent Games – 0

Yeah… we all knew this was coming. 14 games have been made starring arguably the most recognizable and iconic superhero of all time and every single one of them have tanked and been hated by the gaming community. I mean at least Spider-Man had some good games but Superman has yet to make at least one good game. However, he has co-starred in a few games that were pretty entertaining such as Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, DC Universe Online, LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and Injustice: Gods Among Us. Superman is even known to have starred in what is commonly referred to as the worst game of all time with Superman 64.

It’s just weird that Superman hasn’t starred in a one good game since he is the Man of Steel. He can fly at high speeds, shoot lasers out of his eyes, leap buildings in a single bound and he’s basically indestructible but they never take full advantage of this opportunity. For now it seems that DC has given up on making a good Superman game since the last Superman game was made 7 years ago but who knows, it’s a new video game generation. Who knows what we are in store for.

5. Pretty much everyone in the DC Universe who isn't Batman

Let’s be honest, Batman is the only DC superhero who has been truly successful in the video game industry. I’ve already brought up Superman but what about the rest of them. The Green Lantern game was pretty much just as good as the movie, no games starring Wonder Woman; arguably the most dignified female superhero, and Aquaman’s video game release was terrible as well. I know DC isn't quite winning any brownie points in the film department but maybe they can make a decent comeback in the video game industry.

Honorable Mentions

1. Deadpool

I find Deadpool is only now blossoming into the gaming industry because of his new found popularity over the years. Also his solo game release wasn’t terrible, it kept Deadpool’s character and comedic antics into it and it worked to the game’s advantage. However The gameplay was too repetitive and the environments were pretty boring but that’s just something the developers need to work on in future Deadpool games

2. Wolverine

The reason Wolverine didn’t make the list is because I can sort of see why he hasn’t made too many great games. Wolverine has a one note gameplay mechanic of slashing people. It would be difficult to make a game starring Logan without it getting repetitive, they did their best with the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine but even that sort of got pretty repetitive after a while. I’m not saying it’s impossible to make a solo Wolverine game but I do understand it would be difficult. At least he starred in some X-men games that were pretty great.

Do you agree with my list? Are there any superheroes I forgot? Leave a comment


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