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The Sony conference came and with it a slew of trailers as well as the talk of VR were the dominating presence for the company. We knew that this would be the focus of the conference for them as they announced talk of a new console would not be done at E3. All of the trailers were all highly anticipated but to me, none were as big as the Resident Evil VII trailer that was premiered. We all were promised a back to roots feel and yes, it looks like we just got that and a little more.

The trailer was very eerie in feel and unlike the other Resident Evil games felt much more sinister and darker. I know the game series is called Resident Evil so I shouldn't expect lollipops and rainbows but in a way, this one took the evil to another level. In the trailer, we are navigating through a house that seems to have had better days with some unwanted guests lurking around. It truly gave the feeling of what we should expect in a Resident Evil game done right and that's survival horror.

Creepy Only Begins To Describe Resident Evil 7!

It was also announced that the game would also be compatible with Sony's announced VR coming out later this year. It's also worth noting that this game will be in the first person making it that much scarier whenever something comes at you. We got a bit of taste of that as well in the trailer and seeing it just gave me chills as we walked down the small spaces. The game is set in rural America after the events of Resident Evil 6 and will take advantage of Capcom's new RE engine giving it that disturbingly real look.

The look of the trailer alone really helps me understand what they meant when it was announced the game would go back to its roots. It looks like this game will rely heavier on the surviving part more than the action which is what Resident Evil different 20 years ago. The game won't is out till next year but during the conference they did mention Playstation players can play the demo tonight. In the meantime, the rest of us can prepare to try and tackle this game in VR or maybe just start off by playing as far away from the TV as possible.

Check Out The Trailer For Yourself And Make Sure The Lights Are On!

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