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I'm not gonna lie I had completely forgotten that there were talks about a new God of War game being announced at E3. It was quite a surprise when I saw the trailer and also gameplay for the game during Sony's conference. The game is a follow-up to the last game in the series that took Kratos against basically all of Greek mythologies biggest. We saw him go toe to toe against the Greek Gods and ally himself with some of the Titans along the way. The ending of God of War III felt like there was nothing else Kratos had to go up against, that is until now.

Kratos Has A New Weapon In God Of War!

In the newest trailer revolving around Kratos once again we see a much older Kratos who is now sporting a beard. We meet our hero and are introduced to son in a much snowier and fantasy feeling location compared to the previous installments. In the gameplay trailer, we follow our protagonist as he and his son hunt an Elk and encounter some terrifying creatures along the way. We, however, must note that Kratos does not have his Blades of Fate but instead a giant ax. The ax does have a sort of magic embodied in it as we see him use it on the monsters he meets.

The gameplay seems to feel familiar with its fighting mechanism but shows it in a much more visceral way. We are also shown what is called Spartan Rage which gives Kratos the strength to go blow to blow with even a giant. It looks like there might be a chance for the player to have to control both protagonists during the game. The game looks truly beautiful and will definitely be another great installment in this series which has gotten so much praise.

It's also worth noting that the game is just being called God of War and not God of War 4 which suggests this might be a new story. We can also see the Kratos is clearly still a human with not as much power as when we left him at the end of God of War 3. The question still remains and is what probably everyone wondered "how did Kratos get mixed up in Norse Mythology?"


Are You Excited For The New God of War Game?


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