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Today at the Sony Press conference at the E3, Capcom announced the Released date for the newest Resident Evil. Which will be available on January 24th, 2017 on diverse platforms like the XBOX ONE, Windows PC, and the Sony PS4. AND will be fully compatible with the Sony VR.

The Newest entry on the franchise looks way different than it's predecessor Resident Evil 6, it also incorporated this new way of playing, very similar to what the late Silent Hills, Visage and Allison Road look like.

I still feel a little weird out about the fact that no main already known character like Jill Valentine or Leon S. Kennedy was featured on the trailer, and as a hardcore fan myself of this video game, it's hard not to see them around (yet). Also I'm still not sure how I feel about the first person thing, I think it works for gaming (specially for the VR) but still not sure if it's the right thing for the RE franchise.

All this huge change primarily came from the fans reception of RE6, which a lot of people hated ( I personally liked it) however it was waaay apart from it's roots, the survival horror, the thing that made this game what it is today. After watching this first look, you can tell it's heavily influenced by other new-age horror games such as the "Silent Hills" which didn't make the cut from Konami, "Amnesia" and the independents "Visage" and "Alison's Road". However, people who already played it say it's "Very Scary" and "Creepier than RE 4 to 6".

I still don't know how I feel about it, I know i need to play it ASAP, however I still need more information from Capcom to judge it right. I have so many questions.

Will Jill Valentine be back?
Is it going to be First person only?
Where is the rest of the cast?
Is this some sort of "Outbreak File VR"?

Capcom please answer my questions...

ANYWAY here it's the first look of RESIDENT EVIL 7, in a trailer called "Desolation".





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