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Matthew Clancy

I can remember the feeling like it was yesterday. Twenty years ago sitting in my parent's basement playing the original Resident Evil...terrified and in complete suspense as every door slowly creaked open. Seriously though, who didn't hold their breath as each door opened and your character stepped into the unknown? There had never been a game so suspenseful and terrifying leaving me sleepless long after I had stopped playing.

Now, imagine that same feeling, that same fear in virtual reality. Because not only is the Resident Evil VII returning to its Survival Horror roots, but it is doing so in virtual reality. Honestly, I'm not sure if I can handle that! Check out the trailer for Resident Evil VII below:

Intense trailer right!? It leaves us with so many questions too. In the beginning of the trailer after the phone rings, we hear a man say "She's back." Who is back? Who is she? Ada Wong? Jill Valentine? There are just too many possibilities. Also, I can't help but to wonder where that house is and who owns it because it clearly has a million hidden secrets, and I can't wait to help uncover what they are!


What do you think of Resident Evil VII in VR?


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