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Nintendo just started their E3 live stream with a showstopper, introducing fans to the next evolution in the Zelda franchise: Breath of the Wild. Coming to Wii U and NX in 2017, the new game offers players an increased sense of freedom and a more open world structure.

Its soft-edged, cell-shaded art style blends the aesthetics of Wind Waker and Skyward Sword to beautiful effect. Just take a look at the official trailer below and prepare to have your breath taken away:

Scroll down for a closer look at the key moments you might've missed.

Falling with style

Breath of the Wild's impressive scope reveals itself from higher ground. I'm sure we can expect a number of different traversal options, but hang gliding looks like the method of choice so far.

Grand theft steed

Light stealth mechanics appear to have made it into the game, with Link using the long grass to sneak up and steal a horse. Will Epona become redundant next to these other tempting rides?

Free climbing

Taking a page out of Nate Drake's journal, Link can seemingly climb freely up surfaces, scaling intricate ruins as well as sheer cliff faces.

Spreading like wildfire

Unleash your inner-arsonist, because burning things has never looked so good! Fire now spreads naturally and can also be used to prepare food. Could there be survival mechanics introduced in this game?

(N)ice moves

Link can now materialize magic blocks that turn water into ice; sure to come in handy in those puzzle-packed dungeons.

Hey, listen!

Because this wouldn't be a Zelda game without carefully timed counter moves.

Rock on

You can squash enemies by cleverly weaponizing nature itself. Look out below!

The legend of Minecraft

Link appears to be able to chop down any tree he finds, begging the question: Just how much can you directly affect the environment? Is this going to offer a Minecraft-esque sense of freedom with and proper resource management?

The game is big. Like, really big.

Reggie even went so far as to claim that no one at E3 would be able to traverse the relatively small, self-contained section that the demo takes place in. Those may sound like bold words, but the truth is Breath of the Wild's world looks staggeringly huge. I simply can't wait to start exploring it.

What do you think of Nintendo's new Zelda game?


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