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I believe! What I witnessed at E3 was truly ground-breaking and has the power to turn a critic into a fan – here’s why.

Sony had the privilege this year of unveiling the new Call of Duty at E3. Yes, this latest instalment leaves the confines of any previous earthly campaign to wage war up in the heavens. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is indeed set in space but you already knew that. What you might not have known however, is just how unbelievably different this new Call of Duty is to any possible preconception you may have had before E3.

Sony crammed their conference full of games this year, the reveals came thick and fast - the atmosphere in the Shrine Auditorium was positively electric. The level of overall fidelity on display this year from Sony was absurd. From indie to AAA the line up was stronger than ever.

As for Call of Duty, I didn’t even realise I was watching it and I say that in the best possible way ever. Honestly, I did not realise I was watching the long awaited campaign announcement for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. I swear, all I was thinking was, oh my freaking goodness, Call of Duty is in trouble because whatever this game is, it looks insane.

What can I say, Activision have truly revolutionised the brand with Infinite Warfare. The new arrival is a million miles from anything we have seen before in either Modern or Advanced Warfare to the point that it is incomparable.

The game is a revelation, a sci-fi adventure that promises to not only drive forward the Call of Duty brand but the genre itself. Again, Call of Duty finds itself at the forefront of change and has forged an all new path for players to venture out into greatness.

With the overwhelming demand from the fans for a return to the ways of old and as a firm fan of the boots on the ground element myself this year’s earlier announcement of yet more futuristic warfare came as somewhat of a shock. More fool me, little did I know what was waiting in the wings.

This year’s Call of Duty E3 reveal was nothing short of astounding. Totally not what anyone was expecting, we sat speechless as the action unfolded on the screen – all of us unaware of what IP we were watching. All we knew was that whatever it was, it was bass-freaking-ass!

The reveal starts off inside some sort of vast Space Cruiser, we follow one of our heroes through the various check points as he enters into his space craft. He then launches out and into battle in his space fighter. It is at this point that I can now point out that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare allows players to pilot multiple in game vehicles.

The video goes onto to showcase a breathtaking outer space universe. The video then seamlessly transitions into a first person shooter as the hero ejects out of his craft and onto the hull of an enemy ship.

At this point the true innovation becomes apparent – he is joined by multiple team members as they begin their assault. In this particular mission there is no gravity, no earthly physics to interact with, every element of this engagement is completely new. Because we are forced to interact with the world in a different way the mechanics of it all therefore all become totally innovative.

Players must use grapples and gunfire to move in any direction. As there is no gravity to speak of the gameplay becomes anything but linear. You and your enemies are both engaging in the same classic fast paced warfare we saw before in Call of Duty but in an environment that now offers almost infinite options of attack.

The gameplay demo went on to demonstrate more never before seen improvements that Infinity Ward should be very proud of. The use of this space age tech doesn’t feel to be old territory, it doesn’t at all feel like a utopian vision of the future that we have had in our heads from since the 90’s. No, this truly is novel and introduces more first person shooter action than you can shake a stick at. Take a look.

Call of Duty is an ever-escalating franchise and one that has more to offer the world than a stand still multiplayer experience. Yes, the original Call of Duty games nailed that genre and to this day still, reign supreme. But we have remasteres, backwards compatibility and many more options allowing us to keep these experiences alive. Including the hotly anticipated Modern Warfare remaster releasing this November.

Infinite Warfare is the industry pathfinder – taking what we all love and branching out into new territories.

As far as the community goes the stance of the diehard fans will probably shift very little, all I can do is reassure you that the future of our beloved franchise is in great hands. I too love the classic games of old but times change, but for gaming and Call of Duty in particular, it is all for the better – trust me.

For those that wish to explore the potential of the series and the power of the modern industry, Infinity Ward has crafted a stellar looking concept that promises to be yet another industry success.

To reiterate, I too shared the scepticism but now as I watch the launch trailer over again – the stars do look very different today. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is set for release on November 4th, 2016.

What did you make of the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare gameplay reveal featured above?


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