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We have all been waiting for the announcement of the new Zelda game since Zelda: Skyward Sword. If you watched E3, then you are probably in know, but if you missed it or weren't able to pay attention because you're at work (Like me) then prepare to be surprised. If you haven't seen the trailer for this fantastic new addition to the series, then check it out below!

Zelda: Breath of the Wilds

Okay, Cool Shawn But What Did We Potentially Miss?

Well for starters, you may or may not have noticed how visually luxurious the game is. Take a look again because it's almost as if the open world were entirely painted by hand. You can tell that Nintendo is taking their time on the environment. In fact, they pointed out that this area alone is only 1% of the entire world. So that's pretty impressive but simply put, it's absolutely gorgeous.

A Whole Lot Of Interactivity

If you didn't notice in the trailer then re-watch it for the third time because there's a whole lot of interactivity. From pushing boulders down a hill to wreck monsters, to cooking food, lighting fires, and doing hardcore parkour, there's an immense amount of interactivity. We can be sure there will be a ton more than just what I mentioned, but even I can't help but get excited about the potential.

A Whole Arsenal To Open Up A Can Of Whoop-Ass

There are tons of weapons to wreck monsters in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wilds. You can use spears, bows, short swords, long swords(maybe), shields, axes, hammers, and maybe more. Not only that, but it appears that you can change the armor equipped on Link. No, not just the tunic but the actual armor itself. Take a look at 3:07 in the trailer Nintendo released.

Tons Of Enemies That Will Receive Said Whoop-Ass

Including whatever the hell the thing above is, there are sure to be a ton of unique monsters for us to take our frustration out on. There are Rock Golems, Bokoblins, wild animals, what look like Minotaur, Undead, Slimes, and so much more. The AI is apparently deceptively sharp or so I have heard.

A Whole New Combat System

Saying "A whole new combat system" might seem a bit over the top, but there is a whole new aspect to it. It looks like the battle sequences displayed were like some Matrix-style, bullet-time fighting with thrilling explosions. There is strict timing with blocking, counter attacks, and boss weaknesses. When you add in all the new weapons, a plethora of new strategies emerge to take out your foes.

The Final Question:

Is Zelda: Breath of the Wilds going to hold up, exceed, or flop according to our expectations? What do YOU think?


Well? Don't make me ask again nerds!


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