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The Star Wars universe is getting bigger and bigger, so obviously when EA announced their partnership with Lucasfilm many people were very happy and excited. Last year the first game to come out of the partnership; Star Wars Battlefront was released to complete fan satisfaction. Although some people criticised some features of the game from a gaming point of view most fans were amazed by the thorough detail of the game and the immersive experience of the Star Wars universe. The great thing about Battlefront was how it worked so well as a game alongside the original trilogy, interweaving characters and planets from the original trilogy but not stepping on the toes of the franchise. The game managed to feel like you were in the big battles from the movies but at the same time there were no plot details that confused you. During E3 EA released a video explaining the future of EA Star Wars games and there was of course a lot to talk about from the video.

First up lets talk about Battlefront updates which will be adding more planets and characters from the original films and possibly from the upcoming Rogue One. There was also some footage showing game designers working on Battlefront 2 which will be set in the time of the new films that began with Episode 7 the Force awakens (a perfect idea) which is good to know that EA is already starting work on Battlefront 2 simultaneously with updates for the original game and other upcoming releases so the game doesn't end up being rushed due to their release schedule.

Finally the video also showed a snippet from another big game the company are working on and a tease for what I'm guessing is a separate game also in the works. The first snippet shows what looks like some sort of Smuggler or Bounty hunter walking through a space sport similar to Mos Eisley on a desert planet showing Imperial flags and some Star destroyers flying over. This game looks to be more story centred than Battlefront showing new characters stepping into new situations but fighting pretty much the same threat. An open-world Star Wars game has a lot of potential and it makes a lot of sense that EA would go down this route seeing as these types of games are so popular nowadays. Though this is where these new games start to cause a problem, the game looks to be about a Smuggler travelling across the galaxy which is under the rule of the empire, sound familiar? Disney has a Han Solo movie set for a 2018 release which brings around the threat of repetition, of course EA will be working closely with Lucasfilm to make games that will coincide with the movies and both expand and enhance the universe. But could this confuse the universe with too many similar characters. Take Han Solo for example, how many characters are there in the Star Wars universe who seem to be modelled after him. They may not be immediately obvious but if you think there are actually more than you'd think.

In one universe there are only so many original stories that can be told before it starts repeating itself and thats what makes Battlefront so good, the fact that no new characters or stories were created just a more immersive experience. Especially with the other EA story game which seems to show a Jedi and a Sith fighting and is said to be set in a new era, the Jedi lore is complicated enough without adding in an new era of Jedi. My only worry for the Star Wars universe is that it will get to big for its own good. Don't get me wrong I am looking forward to the future of the Star Wars universe and I can't wait to see EA's new games, I just hope they avoid these mistakes.

What do you guys think of the new EA Star Wars games? leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. Thank You


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