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After years of waiting, Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta, has returned! Kratos will be making his return to PlayStation consoles with his debut on PlayStation 4. Sony made the announcement during E3 2016 (Electronic Entertainment Expo).

It's been six years since Kratos ended his vengeance against the Gods of Olympus and three years since the most recent game God of War: Ascension. The trailer showed an older -- and very bearded -- Kratos teaching what appears to be his son how to hunt. Let's take a look.

Kratos Is Still the God of War

There are two things about Kratos that I noticed immediately. First off, Kratos is still the same angry and ruthless warrior we've grown to love. While he was teaching his son to hunt, he didn't pull his words and made it very clear that he was the alpha male and wouldn't take any excuses regardless of how young his son was.

The second thing was that while he is still clearly the badass he's always been, he's become a gentler person in his older age. Kratos helped his son through his first kill and then did something I thought I'd never see. Kratos almost put his arm around his son. While very odd for the character, it's also kind of nice; Kratos showed some growth.

His son has his father's cursed ash covered skin
His son has his father's cursed ash covered skin

But if we know anything about The Ghost of Sparta, there is no way that things will stay peaceful for much longer. Especially considering that it looks like Kratos will be taking his son further into the world for what appears to be training.

God of War, God of Graphics

The game itself looks absolutely amazing and this wasn't a surprise at all. One thing that could be said about the God of War franchise is that it has always looked amazing. The people in charge of the graphics and designs of the game always pay attention to the details of every crease in the characters' skin and every leaf on every tree and bush.

The aesthetic feels like a typical God of War game with the exception of one thing: Kratos doesn't have the Blades of Chaos. Instead, he is sporting an ax and using his fists. It's doubtful that Kratos will go the whole game without his trademark blades, as they are a staple in the series, but the fact that Kratos actually used his fists to beat an enemy down was refreshing.

Image Credit: Sony
Image Credit: Sony

If there is one complaint that I could make about the God of War series it's that Kratos rarely used his hands. Sure, he used them to rip a guy in half or during the cut scenes, but we never really got a chance to control Kratos as he was beating a guy down with his bare hands.

God of War Meets God of Thunder

Rumor has it that Kratos will be killing the Asgardian gods this time around. If this is true, we all know what that means: Kratos vs. the God of Thunder, Thor! We won't be getting blonde and beautiful Thor, though. What we will most likely get is red hair, brutal, and ruthless Thor. But that isn't even the best part of fighting Thor. The best part is getting his hammer after you brutally beat and dismember him.

Let's be honest, Kratos running around with Mjöllnir is the first thing we all thought about when we heard Kratos might be taking on Asgard. Sure, there will be frost giants and Loki and Odin, but, come on, we want to wield Mjöllnir!

Regardless of who The Ghost of Sparta fights in this new God of War game, one thing the trailer has shown us is that we can still expect the same type of violence and smooth game play that we have grown to love from the originals. Hopefully this is just the start of another great God of War trilogy.

And, by Odin's soon-to-be eyeless body, they better explain what happened to Kratos after the credits of God of War 3!

Thoughts on the trailer? What do YOU want to see?


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