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Every year at E3 the booths get bigger and badder and Microsoft is no exception. This time it's a heady mix of Lamborginis, sick case mods, roving pirate crews, and of course rows and rows of demo stations showing off the latest builds of games just announced. But why talk about it when I can just show you?

The Xbox One S

We've barely heard about the next generation Xbox One S with its slimmer profile, higher hard drive capacity, and lower price. Microsoft had one on display right at the opening of their expansive booth for all to see. And it had quite a crowd trying to get a shot of it on their phones.

Forza Horizon 3 Lamborghini

What better way to get attention about your new racing game than to put a $200,000 luxury sportscar on a spinning, lit pedestal in the middle of your booth? That's exactly what Microsoft did and got exactly the crowd they hoped for. Too much of a crowd. You know there's video games to play here, right people??

Sea of Thieves

The surprise hit of the Microsoft press conference was in full force at the booth. A roving band of sea pirates sang sea shanties among full-sized statues spread throughout the floor. And the line for the demo stations was long enough to give you scurvy.

Sick PC Case Mods

A whole section of the booth was dedicated to souped up PCs and two were custom case mods by PCJunkieMods. The first is based on Overwatch's Winston and the second is an homage to Valve's Portal turret. If only they were for sale. Sigh.

ReCore's Mack the dog

ReCore looks amazing, but Mack is getting the biggest reaction amongst gamers. Leave it to Microsoft to not just put a life-sized statue of the faithful robotic companion in front of the ReCore demo stations, but an animatronic one no less. I think we all deserve one in our game rooms, don't we?

Xbox Design Lab

One of the big announcements at the Microsoft press conference this year was the ability for players to design their own controllers through an official service. It turns out you can do it right on the convention floor. I didn't have time to try it myself, but saw lots of options available and got a few snaps of models on the walls.

The best of the rest

The Microsoft booth is stuffed with demo stations, monitors bigger than your car, private meeting rooms and more. Here are few more shots I got to give you a feeling of the scope and size of what they had on deck for E3 this year.


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