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This will be a tad more scattered than usual. Trying to crank out my conference thoughts by the time E3 ends. Hopefully you still enjoy them.

This is possibly the worst conference I've ever seen. Hardly anything new, little gameplay, a bunch of talking about things we know, and a lot of awkwardly written,and acted scripted moments. They started with Titanfall 2, which still does nothing to distinguish itself besides having nexus. They have swords now but we barely saw them and there's a single player campaign now that no one cares about that anymore.

EA Sports was like half the show, as usual, so that happened. I love football and, while it's gotten stagnant, love playing Madden. But why at E3? The people that will be watching E3 are mostly not sports fan and most people that frequently buy Madden or FIFA mostly play just those they won't be watching your conference. Also, they brought out the top 8 Madden players. I can't even imagine them actually thinking people would be hyped for pro sports gamers. I did love the super over-enthused guy introducing FIFA's totally not NBA 2K story mode, hopefully directed by Spike Lee, but that and the super scripted exchange with some FIFA manager were super awkward with the latter adding literally nothing.

The second time-consuming waste was EA's Star Wars extravaganza. Basically they said there are a bunch of games and had a couple developers be super vague at us for a few minutes. But apparently they're already working on Battlefront 2. I can't decide if it's a good or bad thing that they gave up on Battlefront already, but it is hilarious. I for one was thoroughly unimpressed with Battlefield. It looks technically great, but the colors are so ugly and the gameplay looks like it does nothing new, aside from having vehicles, which everyone needs to play Battlefront again before getting excited for.

The only game I was excited for, Mass Effect, showed no new info. Oh, we're exploring a new galaxy? Maybe that's why it's called ANDROMEDA! We saw scattered, meaningless clips of Krogans and Asari and The Citadel, and a female human, and that's about it. Their plans to pick up indie developers is cool, as long as those developers csn,still make what they want, at least for a bit, because this is EA. So yeah, their conference was a total bore, but they did have things that they could've actually done something with.

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