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Marcus Landrau

I don't blame anyone for wanting more out of Mortal Kombat XL, especially since only eight characters were actually released as DLC for the original release of the game.

However, there is something we as gamers need to accept. Any game that has a re-release with all known DLC and additional content fully implemented into it should not continue to be worked on, especially when nothing more is planned to be made after the fact.

This isn't just MKXL. This involves any and all games that have DLC within it and get re-releases with all of it installed.

Once there's a re-release, that should be it. All the DLC that was released is what you're gonna get. Rarely do you see games with multiple re-releases to their names.

A great example of this would be Dragon Age: Origins. It had a few re-releases to its name. The first re-release had Awakening implemented as an expansion pack.

And then the Ultimate Edition came out, which had Awakening and all the DLC the original game had to offer added into it. It was meant to be the last release of the game because the game was finished. Nothing more was gonna be added, and it's something we all had to accept if we hadn't already.

Now, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, allow me to explain.

Awhile back, Ed Boon posted a poll on his Twitter, asking what the fans would want the most: Kombat Pack 3, a Shaolin Monks sequel, or Mortal Kombat 11? If it wasn't obvious, Kombat Pack 3 won by a landslide. This kinda irks me, especially since a lot of Mortal Kombat fans can't seem to accept Mortal Kombat XL the way it is.

The release of MKXL is meant to be an indication that NetherRealm Studios is done making anymore content for that game and fans are just wasting their time asking for more. But with this poll, either Boon is trolling the fanbase or he is hinting at adding more content to a game that shouldn't have any more stuff added to it.

If you're going to ask the fans if they want more content, WHY would you re-release the game with all the DLC implemented into it first instead of WAITING to do it afterward and see their responses? Common sense says that's the better business decision. I just don't understand Ed Boon's logic behind this.

Okay, I admit I was also disappointed (just like every other fan of the game) in the roster additions and how certain characters didn't make it before XL was released. The fact that only two character DLC packs were released is kinda surprising. I would have expected a third or a fourth before MKXL became a thing. But considering the fact that Injustice 2 was in the works and was scheduled to be announced at a certain time, I guess I understand why they only did two packs.

However, that does NOT excuse NetherRealm to tease us with the possibility of more content when everything SHOULD be done. Hell, they implemented new rollback netcode into MKXL that will most likely be used in their games from now on. What else can you do to add to the game besides more pointless costume packs?

Now, I wanna make something clear: I am NOT against a Kombat Pack 3. If it's coming, let it come. I'm all for it. More characters is fine with me. It's still gonna annoy me that MKXL isn't concrete proof that all of the DLC they planned for the game is in it. I'm not against multiple re-releases, either. But for the sake of simplicity, just stick with one.

In the end, I'll take a Shaolin Monks sequel over the others in that poll any day. Though, how they'd do that is beyond me.

You may not see this as a big deal, but I do. I'll say it again: a re-release is meant to be only done because everything in the game is done and we have a chance to get it all in one package and pay less overall. But what NetherRealm is doing, whatever it might be, is the equivalent trying to grab a dollar your insurance company is hanging over your head and teasing you with.

I just want there to be a form of concrete proof that a game is done, DLC and all. And I want a game's re-release to be that.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with my viewpoint? Do you disagree? I want to keep the conversation going because I feel a lot of gamers aren't addressing it enough. This has been on my mind for a while and I couldn't keep quiet about this anymore. Hope you understand where I'm coming from.

Anyway, I'll catch you all later. Peace. Out! ;)


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