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The thing on everyone's mind during E3 is not how amazing all the new games look — we already know to expect amazing, ground-breaking games. More likely, we are all probably counting down how many days we have to save up to buy all these upcoming titles.

Personally, I can't stop drooling over a couple of games. One of those in particular is the new God of War game that was shown during Sony's conference. Sony gave us a trailer and first look at the gameplay, and there was a big surprise, as we not only see a bearded Kratos but also meet his son.

Yes, you read that correctly. Kratos now has a son — and not only that, but he's apparently coming along for the adventure! From what we saw, the game is looking to be centered around Norse mythology. Kratos does not wield his iconic blades anymore but opts for another magic weapon in the form of an ax. In the trailer, we see both Kratos and his son hunting and along the way encountering some beasts that they both take down together. This is where we learn that we can actually control both characters in some way, shape, or form.

The most interesting part about this whole ordeal, however, is that you can actually control Kratos' son with one button. According to Kotaku, there is a single button that will have your son helping you whenever you need it:

"In the demo shown at Sony’s press conference, one that was expanded upon in a private presentation I saw this afternoon, the kid will do his best to help Kratos navigate the world and during battle. This doesn’t happen randomly or by accident; there’s a button on the controller (I forgot to ask which!) who's [sic] sole purpose is summoning the kid for a variety of contextual actions in the game."

It's pretty cool to know that when the going gets tough for Kratos, he will have his son's help.

This is nothing new for video games, as we have seen similar co-op gameplay used before. We recently saw it utilized in The Last of Us, which is the way I'm thinking it will be handled in God of War as well. It's interesting to see, however, a character such as Kratos (who has always been a lone warrior) now have someone helping him side-by-side. There is not much talk about when exactly the game will be coming out, but I'm sure all of us are ready to find out exactly what is going on in this story. In the meantime, check out the awesome footage of the game below!


What do you think about playing as both Kratos and his son?


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