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Tim Horton

Bethesda is the talk of the show but not for reasons you might think.

This years’ E3 show has been nothing short of sensational with all the top studios vying for AAA supremacy the level of excellence across the board has never been higher. Bethesda had a particularly good show this year, unveiling a whole host of new games as well as a huge number of returning fan favourites. Bethesda made this year’s show all about the players, a truly fan-centric experience – and let’s just say that it showed.

The atmosphere was electric and the excitement infectious; the crowd were truly immersed in Bethesda’s show. Some more than others though, during the conference one woman in particular could be heard above everyone else. This elated fan cheered and screamed throughout the two hour show as all her favourite titles were unveiled. Let’s just say that this did not go unnoticed.

The internet never misses a beat and the enthusiasm of this fan was picked up almost immediately. The show quickly became as much about her reaction as it did the games that were announced. The comment boards quickly changed from game chat to which game that hadn’t been revealed yet would get the greatest reaction from our mystery fan.

For me, this is what E3 and gaming in general is all about. It is the freedom of expression, it is about passion and this lovely lady has both in spades. You wanna hear? Of course, you do!

You can't please everyone, there were a few people amongst the millions that had other thoughts - some thought that it was staged and others felt like she was a rival studio plant. But potatoes gonna potatoe, as my Taylor Swift says... doesn't she?

Me, I loved it - i've said it already but this lady is my cup of tea. I love excitement and thoroughly believe in expression. Be happy world! We can learn from this enthusiastic fan, this is exactly whats going on in my head when i buy a new game and am waiting for it to download.

But who was this screaming woman? Screamer lady, please get in touch if this was you, we’d (I) love to meet you.


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