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A remaster of a classic shooter could very well be in the works over at Microsoft as images that apparently feature remastered shots are found on a USB stick handed to a journalist.

Classic shoot-em-up title Bulletstorm has been on the remake wish list for many gamers for some time now, this classic first person shooter is fast paced and brutally explosive. But a remake, now? I have to say that I did not see this coming, at least not now.

According to a report by Nick Robinson of Polygon, the USB handed to him at E3 contained several images that were headed up under the file name of ‘Bulletstorm Remastered’. Upon further investigation he found that the images were indeed current gen screen grabs of the iconic shooter.

Bulletstorm was a great shooter made awesome by rude jokes and slow motion obliteration. An immensely fun game to play with the added bonus of exploding the bad guys all over your screen – as the original does not seem to play very openly into a sequel, a remaster does fit the bill more aptly.

If you were wondering why Nick was handed a USB, it is because before the days of proper internet, games journalists were all handed USB’s as to make it easier to collect and store the game assets for when you got back home.

However, with technology the way it is today we no longer use them as much at shows. Apparently though, we should, thanks for the tip Microsoft.

Whether or not this was done intentionally by Microsoft or not this is great news for the industry as we potentially beckon in another great classic shooter to 2016.

Excited to see Bulletstorm remastered?


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