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Better than anything Sony has recently put up on the big screen in the cinemas, the Uncharted video game franchise that has been going on since the early days of Playstation 3 has finally come to an end. Video Games usually have ways of coming back, being reimagined, or receiving an unwarranted sequel. This review will explain the reasons why I believe this to be a perfect franchise for what it is, and how the fourth game concludes the franchise on a note that would be cruel to continue on.

Spoilers to follow for people who have not played these games from beginning to end.

Not too many video games begin arcs in their first instalments to then pay them all off 10 years later. This truly is a video game saga that carries it's emotion, action-packed gameplay and cinematic cut scenes with pride. From every last story element, this franchise immerses you in it's adventurous world and never let's you go into you have the satisfying end that is so meticulously crafted in the final few chapters of Uncharted 4. From seeking the treasure of El Dorado, to looking for the Cintimani Stone in Shangri-La, to looking for the lost city of Iram of the Pillars, to finally end the franchise on the characters accepting that they themselves are more important than any treasure, this is a story that sure is ripe for a big screen adaptation.

When talking about the Uncharted franchise, people seem to reference the improved gameplay or the story itself. While those are easily the best parts about these games, what is slightly missed is the improved graphics, making each game feel a little more realistic as they went along. These games truly do make you feel like you are Nathan Drake going on these missions and fighting to survive as you are following your treasure-hunting passion.

Introducing Sam in the fourth game (Nathan's presumed dead brother) was a very nice surprise and made for some very heartfelt and fun flashback sequences. Diving deeper into Nathan's past than ever before, you truly get the sense that the end of this franchise is among you. When this newest instalment ended, I felt a sense of robbery as it had an open ending, only to see that you are now playing an epilogue with Nathan and Elena's daughter. They took the remaining treasure they had and made a relaxing life for themselves.

If you have not had the pleasure of playing these games, I highly recommend doing so. It is very easy to get your hands on the original three and I can say that they are all equally enjoyable, even getting a little better each time. This may just be my favourite video game franchise of all time. The Uncharted franchise takes it's time to tell a compelling story about life and family, while still giving you crazy amounts of puzzles and action at your fingertips. This series is a pure blast!


Review By: KJ Proulx

Do you think this franchise had the perfect ending? Are you sad that this is the end of Nathan Drake's adventures?


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